Invitation of Windblume Patch 1.4 Guide: What Can You Do as SOON As You Log In On Day 1?

Greetings Travelers! We’ve got back to back festivals this time going from 1.3 to 1.4, which gives us a lot to look forward to! While not quite as impactful as the new Dragonspine region from 1.2, it still promises lots to do and more importantly, plentiful rewards.

Venti makes his return!

Venti marks the first five star character to see a return in his own banner, the Ballad in Goblets. And to be clear if you have the Primogems, and you don’t have Venti, pull. He is one of the most unique characters in the game and offers utility that simply can’t be matched. You can check out our guide on once you pull him, or check out my minute long video guide on YouTube. This is a very welcome reprint for anyone who didn’t get him the first time, but take note that his first constellation might literally be the worst in game besides Bennets sixth, so do not pull on this banner if you have Venti.

Even if you need the other characters (I want a constellation on my Sucrose quite badly) It’s still not worth the risk. It’s worth noting that unlike 1.3, this banner is listed for 3 weeks, which means we shouldn’t expect any surprise characters like Hu Tao in the last week unless they deviate drastically from the formula, so if you don’t have Venti you can spent you Primogems confidently.

…And A New Weapon Banner!

And of course a new banner wouldn’t be complete without a matching weapon banner that’s introducing an interesting new weapon. If you’re rolling in Primogems you can take a chance, but this is one of the easiest ways to waste your primogems in Genshin Impact, as I found out not too long ago… so make sure you have the gems to spare before pulling!

Try Out The …New Characters?

The character trials this time are all for existing characters, but you can still get a few rewards worth experiencing them again for! Don’t forget to do them before Childe’s banner!

Hangout Events are live!

There’s a lot of seasonal events in 1.4, but this feature is here to stay and it’s great, featuring 3/4 characters that we haven’t yet got to interact with in game. In exchange for your Daily Commission keys you can literally hangout with your chosen characters for various rewards – the main one being some amazing pictures to remember your time together with. Honestly, I’m looking forward to this more than anything in the event, and needing to use the daily keys means you can only do one every 6 days which will give you a good reason to keep logging in to see how your story progresses.

More Login Rewards!

While not quite as generous as last month and merely teasing at the KFC promotion that may lie in the future, it’s still going to give you 300 free Primogems for logging in between the patch and the end of April, so make sure you don’t miss the easy Primogems!

The Abyss

The Abyss has new challenges in 1.4, so if you didn’t rush to clear it already check it out! You have a few weeks to complete this.

Where’s The New Event?

The main headline of the event, the Mondsdat Windblume Festival, doesn’t ocmmence until March 19th, so you can’t do it on launch day. But if you wait a few days you can partake, earning a new weapon, another crown, and of course Primogems. Other than that, we have Chlide’s return banner to look forward to and more!

1.4 looks set to have the least noticable difference upon actually logging into the game. It’s the calm before the storm for when the event finally rolls around!


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