Ipe’s Charm Quest Guide

Ipe’s Charm is a hidden quest on Tsurumi Island that can only be unlocked after lifting the Thunderbird’s curse. To do so, you will first have to finish the Through the Mist world quest series. This includes the following:

Finding Ipe

To find the quest, teleport to Chirai Shrine. Next to the waypoint, you’ll find a fishing spot. Go down there and start fishing. After you catch one fish, you’ll be pulled out and Ipe’s ghost will appear next to you.

He’ll start the interaction by commending your fishing skills but also suggesting that perhaps you need more practice. After that, he’ll tell you the real reason why he approached you. Apparently, while fishing, Ipe dropped a charm that Makari had given him. The charm had blessings from her ancestral spirits as well as the Thunderbird.

Now that everyone is boarding the boat, Ipe hopes to find the charm before it’s time to leave. While the Boatman did tell him that he’d get some people to help, it doesn’t seem like anyone is going to show up. This is why he needs your help.

Unfortunately, Ipe’s memories are slowly eroding away and he doesn’t remember exactly where he dropped the charm. All he knows is that it happened while he was fishing so if you fish as well, you’ll be able to find it.

Finding the charm

To find the charm, teleport to Autake Plains and head west. There, on a small isle, you’ll find a Hilichurl camp. Clear out the camp and then use the Thunderbird feather on the statue by the dock. When you do that, a fishing spot will appear.

Now, all you have to do is fish until you find the charm. If you end up getting all the fish and the next batch doesn’t spawn immediately, just change the in-game time. When you do that, more fish will appear and you can continue on with the quest.

Returning the charm

Once you finally have the charm, teleport back to Chirai Shrine and meet with Ipe who is still waiting for you. Hand over the charm to him and he’ll thank you for your help. At this point, you can ask him where he’s going and he’ll give a similar response to Kito and Kina. He’s going to a land of gold and dreams, one without fog.

After that, he’ll disappear, leaving behind a Precious chest. You’ll then receive 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and 2 Hero’s Wit.

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