Iridescence in Papers Web Event | 120 Primogems

Take part in the 'Iridescence in Papers' event to obtain 120 Primogems and other in-game rewards!

Take part in the ‘Iridescence in Papers’ event to obtain 120 Primogems and other in-game rewards!

Gameplay Overview

Event Duration: January 29, 2023 – February 7, 2023, 23:59 (UTC+8)

Eligibility: Players must reach an Adventure Rank of 10 and above to participate in this event.

Event Overview: During this event, you can log in to Genshin Impact daily, complete Daily Commissions, consume Original Resin, and complete other missions to obtain the event item: Paper. You can use these papers to unlock stages and complete the puzzles (cut pieces of paper) to unlock the rewards.

Gameplay Detail

1) Open the Web Event & Log-In

➥ Click here to open the web event page. Make sure to log in using your HoYoverse / HoYoLAB account and choose your server.

2) Cut Paper & Combine Component

➥ Follow the tutorial and complete Yun Jin’s stage. From the tutorial, you need to:
1. Choose the scroll (stage) you want to complete (You need to use Paper to unlock them)

Please excuse my ugly cutting, I did this guide in a moving car lol

2. Start cutting the paper following the dotted line and cut out the shapes needed in one go. Here’s some warning:
> The cut will fail if you don’t follow the dotted line, break the line while cutting, or you don’t complete the shaper properly.
> The paper will not be consumed if the cutting fails, and you can try again multiple times.

3. After you successfully cut out the main parts, you will enter the collage phase. Drag the pieces to the Assembly Zone and fit them into the appropriate positions within the dotted lines.
> If you run out of inspiration, you can click ‘View Hint‘ after the lockdown is finished to check out hints for assembling the pieces. I trust you all can do it even without the hint because the shapes are pretty straightforward.
> If you quit in the middle of the paper collage process, your progress will not be saved but your Paper will not be consumed. You can try paper cutting and collage processes many times.

4. Last but not least, don’t forget to drag the completed shapes to the respective character to fully complete the stage and unlock the rewards.

3) Gain More Paper

➥ You can obtain the event item Paper by completing the following actions in Genshin Impact and the web event every day:
1. Log into Genshin Impact every day
2. Complete two Daily Commissions
3. Consume 40 Original Resin
4. Complete other missions to receive the corresponding number of pieces.

Daily missions refresh at 04:00 AM (Server Time) each day. Unclaimed Paper will also be cleared by then. Don’t forget to claim them in time. Claimed Paper will not be cleared.

➥ Consume a certain amount of paper to unlock different scrolls (stages). There are five scrolls (stages) in total in the event. After a scroll is unlocked, you can repeat the challenge until the stage is completed.

4) Use Decorations

➥ When you complete the paper collage, you will receive a corresponding object. Place the corresponding object on the appropriate companion to light up the scroll (complete the stages). Each time the scroll is lit, you will receive stage decorations from your companions.

➥ Click ‘Decorate’ button (the mountain looking one) on the home page and decorate the stage according to your preferences (This will also give you Primogem rewards).

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Unlock all the scrolls and complete the challenge, decorate the stage, and watch the show to receive the following rewards:
1. 120 Primogems
2. 8 Mystic Enhancement Ore
3. 12 Hero’s Wit
4. 100000 Mora

➥ The in-game rewards will be distributed via in-game mail. The mail will expire after 30 days, so don’t forget to claim them in time.


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