Kaboomball Kombat Guide

Genshin Impact has new challenges every update from battling bosses to digging up treasure coins. Kaboomball Kombat in the Golden Apple Archipelago is no exception. Here’s what you need to know about the Kaboomball Kombat event. It’s a little similar to the mini harpastum game on the islands, but with a few unique changes.



  • Gameplay Duration: 2021/07/02 10:00:00 – 2021/07/12 03:59:59
  • Event Shop Duration: 2021/07/02 10:00:00 – 2021/07/16 03:59:59


  • Adventure Rank 21 or above


It’s a ball shooter and the goal is to return the balls that it spits out.  By returning the balls players can deal damage to the fortress and increase its fury bar meter above it. In it’s fury state the Dodofortress will spit out more balls and increase its rate of shooting out special types of balls.

The Dodofortress has two shooting patterns: the straight ball shot and the curve ball shot. The straight ball is simple and all you have to do is click at the right time and be near the ball. The curve ball shot is much more difficult, but you can somewhat gauge where it’s going to land with the curve and incoming shadow. 

It takes about two seconds for the ball shooter to respawn each time you destroy it, and it grants you 100 points on your score.

Furthermore on occasion it’ll put up a shield, and it takes three Perfect Returns to break it.  The Perfect Returns have a special starry effect to indicate the return is perfect. The flowery Dodoshooter has a large range around your character so hitting the balls isn’t hard so long was the flower circles to when the ball is near your character.

For further details, check out this guide:

Type of Balls in Kaboomball Kombat

Super Simple Ball: It’s a regular orange ball and its speed is slow enough for you to time when to click. This ball is in all three challenges.

Foggy-Groggy Ball: It is basically a brown dirt ball and if you fail to return it your vision gets impaired by the dirt for a few seconds. This ball is in the Incoming Kaboomballs and Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack challenges.

Breezy-Burny Ball: It’s a yellow fast ball, so you’ll have to run to return it. If you hit it you’ll be able to inflict greater damage on the Dodofortress. This ball is in the Incoming Kaboomballs and Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack challenges.

Natter-Chatter Ball:  This purple ball has a special effect. If you successfully return the ball the Dodofortress will spit out three Super Simple Balls in consecutive order. This ball is in the Incoming Kaboomballs and Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack challenge. However, in Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack challenge its effect changes from spitting out three Super Simple Balls in consecutive order to three of any type of ball.

Chill-Frilly Ball: This blue ball applies the Cyro effect on your character if you fail to return it, so your character will slow down too. Furthermore if you step into the ocean, you’ll get frozen as shown above. So be careful of getting hit and losing time because of it. This ball is in the Absolute Frosty Defense Line and the Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack challenge.

Twisty-Turny Ball: This green ball has an unpredictable flight pattern, so when it appears it’s best to just see which side of the field it’s on and try to bounce it back. It appears in the Dodofortress’s All-Out Attack!

Shazamfruits / Boosts

Zoom-Fwoom Fruit: This boost grants movement speed to your character for a short time. 

Fury Fruit: Picking up this orange fruit increases the fury of the Dodofortress bar above it or extends the time of the ball shooter’s fury state. 

Ping-Pong Fruit: This golden fruit grants your Dodoshooter an auto ability to make Perfect Returns for a few seconds. 

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