Kaboomball Kombat Perfect Return Tips

I really love the Kaboomball Kombat minigame because it reminds me of playing tennis. I love tennis. But, there’s another thing that I love more! And that is PRIMOGEMS!

This minigame can be a little bit challenging at first, especially if you haven’t got used to the mechanics already. But don’t worry, I’m here to help you! Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will be able to reach higher scores when playing this game and get all those shiny Primogems.

First of all, preparation is key!

  • It’ll be easier to play during the daytime. Since you can see the ball better thanks to the light. The shadow here will also impact your scores (I’ll tell why later).
  • Using a taller character also helps a lot since you can move faster and you have wider camera angle to help you see the map easily.
  • If you play co-op and you have ping issues, I highly suggest do this mode in single player because lag can significantly affect your timing. It might take a while to get higher scores in single player mode, but with some practice, I believe you can reach the scores easily too!

Position is key!

In summary, just position yourself beside the ball, and trigger the attack once you’re linear with the balls sideways.

if you need visual demonstration, I truly hope this video will help you understand how to beat this mode easily

That’s all for this post, I’ll see you in another post!

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