Kamisato Ayaka’s New Outfit Showcase “Springbloom Missive”

Ayaka will be getting her new outfit in version 3.4. This post will include the rarity of her new skin and how to obtain it in Genshin Impact.

Ayaka (5-Star Cryo) is the next character in line to get a paid version outfit that will be released in Genshin Impact version 3.4. The update maintenance is on January 18 so keep the date in mind! Travelers can purchase it at the Character Outfit Shop for a certain number of Genesis Crystal.

“I’ll seek out the truth in my own way.” – Kamisato Ayaka’s New Outfit

Ayaka’s new outfit will be released in version 3.4

Ayaka’s new outfit is called Springbloom Missive and was also introduced as her travel outfit. Its design is based on the Fontaine dresses depicted in light novel illustrations and seems to reflect the lifestyle of proper ladies who live in that nation.
Judging by her idle animation, this skin is a 4-star outfit that does not have any extra idle, combat animation, or new voice lines like Diluc’s 5-star outfit. Here are some more of her in-game animation for you to decide whether it’s worth your money or not.

After the Version 3.4 update, Kamisato Ayaka’s outfit “Springbloom Missive” will be permanently available in the Shop.

Enjoy a limited-time discount when you purchase “Springbloom Missive” between the start of the Version 3.4 update and 2023/02/27 03:59! During the discount period, the price of the outfit is 1,350 Genesis Crystals. The price will revert to 1,680 Genesis Crystals after the limited-time discount ends. The outfit can only be purchased once.

Last but not least, here’s an outfit teaser for both Ayaka and Lisa that will be released later.


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