Kaveh and Baizhu Officially Announced as Playable Characters

There will be two new characters in the next version of Genshin Impact. Check out their full introduction and voice-lines from other characters in this page!

The next new characters for version 3.6 have been teased by HoYoverse! Two new characters may be released in the upcoming version and we are already familiar with both of them as they had made an appearance in previous Archon Quests and a Story Quest.

1) Kaveh


“Mainstream Sumeru academia tends to hide a certain fact from time to time, which is that for some people, talent can occasionally be more of a burden instead. Nevertheless, this view can also be but an excuse. In truth, it is your character that determines your destiny first and foremost. The aforementioned ideas are the sort that Kaveh will persistently rebut.”
— Alhaitham

◆ Empyrean Reflection
◆ Renowned Sumeru Architect
◆ Dendro
◆ Paradisaea


Kaveh ‧ Empyrean Reflection
Renowned Sumeru Architect

A renowned architect from Sumeru, known as the Light of Kshahrewar. He is one of the most high-profile figures in the industry.

As a designer and an outstanding alumnus, Kaveh has quite the reputation among Akademiya students and is idolized as a role model by the students of Kshahrewar. Unfortunately, his career is not as plain-sailing as people imagine. The same can be said for many other facets of his life.

Titles, rumors, fame, and reputation… These are all mere by-products of his work. Equipped with astounding professional design skills, Kaveh puts his heart and soul into his work and is imbued with ideals and pursuits for aesthetics and architectonics. Designers are not in charge of the construction’s final execution, yet they hold responsibility for all its aspects. Thus, be it design details, safety and security, or practicality, no effort may be spared in ensuring the quality of each aspect. On top of that, being one of the best in his field, Kaveh pays additional attention to the aesthetic and human elements that he is concerned about throughout the process. For him, designs that are completely divorced from reality should be classified as fantasy, whereas a building that is actually put into construction must have practical value.

That said, it is rather inconceivable that such an extraordinary architect could have been rendered bankrupt by a single project. Fortunately, very few know about this matter, and most of them keep it a secret. As for Kaveh himself, he is deathly afraid that the secret of his bankruptcy might ever leak out. It is thus fair to say that he is not really living his ideal life.


1. Alhaitham
About Kaveh: Getting Duped
Someone set up a stand on the street saying that for each handmade keychain they sold, a child in poverty would be given a meal. Kaveh bought at least a dozen.
…This is Sumeru, where even healthcare is free. I needn’t say more.

About Kaveh: Overly Sensitive
Kaveh tends to be overly sensitive about everyone and everything he crosses paths with, and he’s constantly making a fuss about nothing. Maybe it’s because he’s too emotionally fragile…

2. Collei
The General Mahamatra once brought him to our place for a meal. From the moment the fruit arrived on the table, he ranted non-stop about his difficult and stubborn roommate for the entire meal. We didn’t get a single word in the whole time. We just nodded along and tried to stifle our laughter. It took a lot of effort.

3. Cyno
Tighnari and Collei never said it to my face, but they found Kaveh’s personal anecdotes far more entertaining than the jokes I had prepared… I could see it on their faces. Hmm? What did I think about that? Well, I thought it was funny that they could laugh at such a situation.

4. Dori
Ah yeah, he’s one of the Kshahrewar people that I work with. Unlike the more closed-minded people at the Akademiya, he actually has his own dreams that he’s fighting for. I, for one, really respect that. I secretly lent him some Mora — and I mean a LOT of Mora — to build my Palace of Alcazarzaray. One thing’s for sure — without Dori the benevolent benefactor, Kaveh would not be where he is today, hehe.

5. Faruzan
Kaveh’s a good kid with great potential. I had a casual chat with him once about some principles of mechanism construction. Hmm, how should I put it… He’s too much of an artsy romantic, but at least he has some original ideas, which is rare nowadays. I’ve heard that he’s fallen on some hard times, so I’m planning to invite him out for a good meal once my funding gets approved. It’ll happen soon, promise.

6. Nahida
He has an almost-perfect grasp of what it truly means for Sumeru to be a Nation of Wisdom. Sadly, the truth as he understands it will never be accepted as the mainstream. Hmm? He’s roommates with Alhaitham? Wow… the world really is full of surprises…

7. Nilou
I heard he was the one who built the magnificent Palace of Alcazarzaray. He must have had a wonderful time making such a masterpiece, like when I’m in the middle of dance practice. Just thinking about dancing for everyone gives me so much happiness and motivation.

8. Tighnari
Kaveh is a famous architect in Sumeru. The Palace of Alcazarzaray is his magnum opus. During the initial planning, he even asked me to recommend suitable ornamental flora. I don’t know why or how, but he ended up heavily in debt after the palace was completed. Alhaitham is helping out by letting him stay at his place, but… I don’t know whether that’s a blessing or a curse…

2) Baizhu


Dr. Baizhu… Something is bothering him, but he won’t tell me anything… He hates death, but he’s always researching it… I don’t understand… But that’s not a problem. I know… that Dr. Baizhu is a good person.”
— A page ripped out of Qiqi’s notebook by an unknown person

◆ Beyond Mortality
◆ Owner of Bubu Pharmacy
◆ Dendro
◆ Lagenaria


Baizhu ‧ Beyond Mortality
Owner of Bubu Pharmacy

“There’s a pharmacy in Liyue called Bubu, and in it is Dr. Baizhu. His skills make all illnesses better, but his medicines are really bitter!”

This nursery rhyme has been widely spread throughout Feiyun Slope, and it has been used by countless parents to warn their children not to get sick… “or else.”

However, it seems that the main character of this nursery rhyme is hardly feared by children. Instead, it is with utmost affection that he is called “Mr. Baizhu” by them.

This impression is mostly attributable to Baizhu’s gentle and friendly demeanor. Interacting with him is a most refreshing experience. And no matter how anxious the patient may be, his confident smile will never fail to reassure.

Regrettably, Baizhu cannot save all his patients — himself, for example.

Herbalist Gui has mentioned that Baizhu’s physical condition is extremely poor, and he often has to go back to his residence to rest after seeing patients. Even so, his smile never falters while in front of people.

When Gui asked him about this, he replied, “If the doctor looks sick himself, how can his patients face their illnesses with confidence?”

Day after day, Baizhu heals his patients. His ever-present smile hides the numerous bitter medicines he takes and the pain he suffers alone.


1. Hu Tao
Baizhu? Ugh, that guy…

2. Keqing
Everyone has faith in Dr. Baizhu’s medical skills. He’s the right guy to go to when you can’t figure out what’s wrong with you. Oh… the rumors, you say? The only one I know for a fact is true is how disgusting his medicine tastes. It’s not just the kids who find it bitter, it’s left me with some horrible memories, too!

3. Qiqi
I can never remember Dr. Baizhu’s face. But I don’t mind.

4. Shenhe
The quality of his medicinal herbs is as good as it gets, he is also easy-going and considerate of others. By comparison, the little snake on his neck has no filter at all… Haha, don’t worry, I didn’t lift a finger against it, I won’t go as far as getting into a quarrel with a snake.

5. Xiangling
I can smell Mist Flowers! It must be Dr. Baizhu! What is he doing here? Shocked Are you OK? Do you feel faint? Is your stomach sore? Or is it a sore throat? I’ve got it, you’re fatigued from all that adventuring! No?… You’re fine? Phew! Otherwise, he would’ve made you drink some traditional herbal medicine — it’s so bitter!

6. Xiao
You want… Baizhu to make a medicine to take away my pain? I understand your intentions, but mortal medicine has no effect on adepti.

7. Xingqiu
I’ve always thought that there is more to Qiqi than meets the eye. But it’s impossible to have a conversation with her when Baizhu’s around. Hmm… We could wait till Baizhu makes a home call to one of his other patients and corner her…

8. Xinyan
Dr. Baizhu’s prescriptions are the tops at preserving my voice. I did an impromptu performance for him as thanks, but… the snake he keeps around his neck fainted away. Haha, now it ducks up Dr. Baizhu’s sleeve every time I’m around. I only discovered afterwards that snakes are very sensitive to vibrations.

9. Yaoyao
Dr. Baizhu’s prescriptions are pretty effective. They’re bitter, that’s for sure, but they always say that about medicine: “the bitter the better”! So I get it. Huh? Too bitter for you? Don’t worry, I’ve got some Candied Dates here. One of these after you finish your medicine will take the taste away.


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