Khvarena of Good and Evil Quest Guide | Girdle of the Sands Main Quest

Khavena of Good and Evil is a new questline in the Girdle of the Sands (new area), and you need to complete this main quest to unlock various underground area and their waypoint.

This is the main quest in Girdle of the Sands (new area in 3.6) that you need to complete to unlock various underground areas and their waypoints. The quest is a long one if you didn’t know what you’re doing or searching for, but that’s where I came in! There are a lot of hidden achievements after completing this quest~

Warning: This guide is extremely long, so use the table of content to see which sub-quests are you having a hard time with and start from there. Unless you want to refer to this guide from start to end.

The Splendorous Sky That Day

Cryo Drum

➥ Teleport to The Sands of Three Canals’ far northwest waypoint and follow the quest navigation until you reach a location where you can Dig something from the ground. After that, keep following the navigation until Katheryne sends you to meet a new desert tribe. This is when you will obtain Korybantes: Vedana (Cryo Drum).

➥ After meeting Lady Sorush, you will fight off some monsters, but nothing you can’t handle since it’s only a group of mobs. Pay attention here because Sorush will explain to you that you need Khvarena (akin to yellow-green Seelie) to destroy Gray Shards that block certain entrances (there are lots of Gray Shards in the open world). The Khvarena you need is under the breakable rocks.

➥ Once you talk to Nasejuna, you will get Sorush as a gadget. Her power is almost the same as Liloupar who will help you with the puzzles. Sorush can only be used in Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert (New desert area in version 3.6). After that, just keep following the quest navigation.

Awakening’s Real Sound

➥ If you check the Quest Menu, there will be two sub-quests: Kshuradhara Itihasa & Awakening’s Pure Sounds. Ignore the first one as we can complete the second one first. Teleport to any waypoints that you’ve already unlocked near Hills of Barsom and follow the navigation until your meet Nasejuna again.

➥ After defeating Rifthounds, you need to find Khvarena to destroy the Gray Shards that are blocking the cave’s entrance. The Khvarena is just near that spot so you won’t miss it.

Dendro Drum

➥ Use any Anemo character to remove the sand pile and obtain the Korybantes: Rupa (Dendro Drum).

➥ For the Copy Drum Score task, just follow the navigation. All 5 of them are already marked on the map. Next, you need to find the remaining 3 Drums.

Hydro Drum

➥ Let’s go to the nearest one first: in the Hills of Barsom. Teleport to the waypoint between Hills of Barsom and Vourukasha Oasis, and follow the quest navigation until you reach a cave filled with water. The puzzle here is to drain all the water using the Soul Bell and Special Four-Leaf Sigil.

You can move the Sigil after starting the challenge

➥ Make sure to equip the Sorush gadget from your Inventory and activate it by clicking Z. Move your Sorush to the red Four-Leaf Sigil before tapping E to absorb the Sigil. Move your Sorush forward again and tap T to release the Sigil. This will change the location of the Sigil and you can interact with the bell to start the challenge.

➥ For the second Soul Bell, you can use the previous red Sigil’s position or move it to somewhere nearer. Don’t worry too much because you have lots of time.

Put the Sigil in front of the Dendro Particles

➥ For the third Soul Bell, you must position the two red Sigils from before near the particles so you can complete the challenge easier. Once the water is completely drained, you can continue following the navigation until you get the Korybantes: Samjna (Hydro Drum).

Electro Drum

➥ Teleport to the Statue of the Seven in the Realm of Farakhkert and follow the navigation until you reach the underground cave. The puzzle here is just to defeat all opponents within the time limit. The enemies are all Electro-related enemies (Slimes > Mages > Lawachurl) so make sure to bring the best team you have to counterattack them~ After completing the challenge, you can pick up the Korybantes: Sankhara (Electro Drum).

Pyro Drum

Location of all 7 Altars (near each other)

➥ For the last drum, teleport to the Gate of Zulqarnain waypoint and follow the navigation to a desert area (not underground). For this puzzle, you need to quickly light up 7 Bright Flame Altars to complete the challenge. If you fail the challenge for the first time (which most will likely fail), Sorush will help you in the next retry by guiding you to each altar’s locations so don’t worry too much. You will get the last Korybantes: Vijnana (Pyro Drum).

Drum Song

➥ Each drum has an elemental symbol on them. The drum will glow gold for the beat (there is no sound, it takes like two seconds). After you start the challenge, the first beat is immediate.

NA = Normal Attack, P = Plunge (there will be buff during the challenge so you can just jump normally and plunge), S = skip

Pyro: NA – NA – NA – P
Hydro: NA – P – S – P
Dendro: NA – NA – NA – P
Electro: NA – S – NA – P
Cryo: NA – S – NA – P

Kshuradhara Itihasa

➥ Teleport to the Asipattravana Swamp waypoint and follow the quest navigation to the next challenge. For this one, you need to use Sorush to interact with a special branch to disperse the purple mist.

➥ Then, use Sorush again to interact with Nirodha Fruits to gain Amber Fruits and bomb the purple blobs on the ground. You need to do this 2 times to complete all the challenges and follow the green seelie.

➥ Once you enter the cave, there will be Mihir (Sorush’s friend) that is trapped within a purple mist. To free her, use the same technique as before where Sorush interact with the special branch.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows 1

➥ Teleport to Vourukasha Oasis and talk to Zurvan to obtain the Twin-Horned Maia. Then, go to Sunyata Lake. You may get lost here as the location is inside the huge tree but the entrance is here. Use Sorush to interact with the first Great Song of Khvarena. Then, the next task is to collect another 3 Great Songs of Khvarena which will be divided into 3 sub-quests.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Samudaya

➥ Teleport to Vourukasha Oasis north waypoint and follow the quest navigation into the chasm/canyon > underground cave where you get the Hydro Drum. The destination is blocked by a yellow swirling gate. Use Sorush to dispel the barrier and use her again to interact with the second Great Song of Khvarena.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Dukkha

➥ Teleport to the Gate of Zulqarnain’s southeast waypoint and follow the quest navigation into an underground cave. There’s nothing that blocking you from the third Great Song of Khvarena so just use Sorush and interact with it.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows: Nirodha

➥ Teleport to Asipattravana Swamp west waypoint and follow the quest navigation into the chasm/canyon. You will unlock a new area using Sorush, don’t forget to activate the waypoint there. This one has a lot of puzzles for you to reach the Khvarena.

➥ The first puzzle is to rotate the device and change the cipher displayed on it. The correct password is:
Top Rotate 1 time
Middle Rotate 2 times
Bottom No need to rotate

➥ After you’re done talking to Nasejuna, turn around and go to the left door that has already been open.

➥ There will be a fork here and you need to go to the lower path first to obtain the Khvarena and follow it to clear the Gray Crystal on the door switch in the upper path. You can get the Energy Block from this room.

➥ Then, return to Nasejuna at the control center by following the Khvarena from before and keep following the quest navigation. There is one puzzle here, and you need to open the door by rotating the mechanism in the order below:
Top – Rotate 2 times
Middle – Rotate 1 time
Bottom – Rotate 2 times

➥ Inside a room where Paimon said the circuit is complicated, there will be 2 Seelie. By following these Seelie, it will lead you to the location of 2 Farrwick which you need to complete this puzzle.

➥ Follow the instructions in the image above to place the Khvarena and rotate the corresponding Mixer. Make sure to place the 2 Farrwick first before rotating the Mixers. After that, keep following the quest navigation into the proving grounds. In there, interact with the switch to start the last puzzle. You need to defeat all opponents and take cover under Khvarena Barrier when the enemies’ beam is activated.

➥ Then, use the heavy cannon to destroy the Golem’s core and the three points at each corner of the shield. After that, you can use Sorush to interact with the fourth Great Song of Khvarena.

As the Khvarena’s Light Shows 2

➥ Teleport to the Gate of Zulqarnain’s south waypoint and follow the quest navigation to the underground cave (You need to go through the new boss arena). You will unlock more underground areas here. There will be another simple puzzle after you talk to Nasejuna in the main hall with elevator.

First Door

➥ Pick Up Farrwick and place it on the frozen generator just on the right of the waypoint. Then, Move the Mixer once that was near the said Farrwick to the front and Rotate the Mixer 2 times so it faces the door. That’s all you need to do for now.

➥ After the first door is open, keep following the path past three Hilichurls and you will see a Seelie. Follow this Seelie and you will reach a room with Hilichurls. Defeat them and interact with a switch to open the gate beneath you.

➥ Drain the water with another switch and take the second Khvarena. Then, return to Nasejuna again.

Second Door

Place the second Farrwick in front of the frozen generator. Then, move the same Mixer you use before once and Rotate it 2 times so it faces the opposite direction.

➥ Then, pick up the first Farrwick you use before and go to the other side of the room to place the said Farrwick near the generator there and Rotate the Mixer near it 2 times.

➥ Inside the furnace room, the third Farrwick you need to find is in another locked room that will only open after you defeat all Ruin enemies in there.

Place the third Farrwick near the last frozen generator and Push & Rotate all the Mixer so it faces the devices in the middle.

Ignore this and keep walking until you see the next mechanism

➥ When the task asks you to activate the central control device, go to the Anemo monument inside the room and use it to glide to the platform above. Ignore the first mechanism and go straight to the second one. For this one, you need to:
Top: Rotate Upper Level 2 times
Middle: Rotate Middle Level 1 time

Bottom: Rotate Lower Level 1 time

➥ Take the elevator down and defeat all enemies so you can reach the lowest level. Then, you can take the fifth and final Great Song of Khvarena.

The Hymn of Tir Yazad

➥ After defeating Nasejuna who is gasp surpisingly a traitor, talk to Zurvan in Vourukasha Oasis and head to Tunigi Hollow for the next task. Follow the quest navigation and place the 5 Great Songs of Khvarena you collect before to the tree branches.

2 of the branches are corroded (have some puzzle) where you need to remove them by destroying the big ball of corrosion up above. Use Sorush to interact with the Ruebright Bloom midair so you can activate a Four-Leaf Sigil. Once you reach the big ball, destroy it using any attacks (Ganyu’s Charged ATK does wonder here). After that, continue following the quest navigation.

➥ You must enter 3 Defiled Chambers (the portal in the image above) and search for the Spenta Hearts. All 3 chambers are marked on the map so you can just follow it, starting from the lowest one to the highest one.

➥ Inside each chamber, there will be invisible floating/moving rocks that only Sorush can see, so if you’re stuck with nowhere to move, make sure to use Sorush to see the hidden path so you can move on. You can hold E so she will stay in place and illuminate the hidden path.

➥ Don’t forget to use her to move the Special Four-Leaf Sigil too. If you are lost, please check my YouTube video as that will be much faster than screenshots. There will be evil purple eyes that will attack you. Although the damage is small, it’s still annoying. You can destroy it using Sorush.

➥ Inside the last chamber, the location is pure white and tall wall. There is no map here so you can use Sorush and control her movement to fly above and check the route you can go to collect the Spenta Hearts and to the exit! For the last task, you need to defend the Flower of Sanctity by defeating all enemies. After that, keep following the quest navigation until it finishes~


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