Kito and Kina’s Request Quest Guide

Once you’re done with the world quest series Through the Mist, Tsurumi Island has many side quests for you to finish. Kito and Kina’s Request is one such quest. With this guide, we’ll be going over all their locations so you can get your primogems easily.

Prerequisite Quests:

Finding the Quest

After you finish the world quest The Sun-Wheel and Mt Kanna, you’ll notice that Tsurumi Island is now full of ghosts, some nameless and some people you have met in previous quests. To find Kito and Kina’s Request, you’ll first have to find the two children.

To do so, teleport to Autake Plains and then head towards the small island off the shore. There, near some glowing blue flowers, you’ll find two ghosts named after the children. Interact with them to start the quest.

Flowers for Granny Una

As the dialogue chain will begin, Kito will tell you that he’s missing something. Something that he had placed in his pocket but was no longer there. It seems that he and Kina had picked up some flowers for Granny Una. Apparently, these days she seems to be forgetting things rather easily and constantly talks about the world beyond the Sea of Fog as well as the flowers that grow there.

Then the two children will start talking about a dream they had, one where the Sea of Fog disappeared, revealing a giant tree. The two of them tried to climb the trees but unfortunately, the flowers blooming on it were much too heavy, causing them to fall.

Once the dialogue chain comes to an end, speak to the ghosts again. This time, you’ll be able to offer them the flowers they were looking for: Sakura Blooms.

Give the flowers to the kids and they’ll thank you for your help. After that, the two of them will disappear but the quest isn’t over yet.

Find Kito and Kina

After Kito and Kina disappear, head to Chirai Shrine. From there, go in the southwest direction. In this area, you’ll find a lot of nameless ghosts roaming about, blinking in and out of existence. The two children will be among them, standing by a hill. Interact with them.

As you start talking to Kito and Kina, they will note that something strange is happening. No matter where they go, they keep coming across unhappy people who can’t seem to hear one another. Most of all, whenever they find a beautiful flower and put it in their bag, it seems to disappear. It’s here that you’ll have to tell them that it’s time to leave. When you do that, they’ll mention a Golden Man who said the same thing to them. However, they can’t leave because they still have to give Granny Una the flowers.

Much like before, the dialogue chain will end. Talk to Kito and Kina again. After that offer them another Sakura Bloom. They’ll thank you for it and head to the next location near Mt Kanna.

Get Ready to Rumble

While the quest itself doesn’t have much action involved, Kito and Kina’s next location is near a Hilichurl camp. If you want to reach the kids and talk to them, you need to get rid of the churls first.

To reach the third location, teleport to Autake Plains and head in the direction of the sea. You’ll find a big Hilichurl camp there. Kito and Kina will be standing right next to it. Fight the enemies off and start talking to the kids.

As you talk to them, the kids will tell you that the big rock in the distance is used to guide the spirits of the deceased. After passing away, spirits who still have a final wish will linger on the lands until they can find a person who can fulfil their wish. Once that’s done, they can leave for the afterlife with the boatman. This is why, every time someone passed by the stone, they have to declare their name as well as a clan name. The kids then note that since you’re an outlander, you don’t have a clan name. Seeing that you need protection from bad spirits, Kito declares that he’ll be the one to take care of you.

Start talking to the ghosts again and offer them another Sakura Bloom.

The Boatman’s Request

The fourth location the kids head to is in Autake Plains as well, right next to a waterfall. Once you’re there and start talking to them, it seems that Kito is a bit upset. The Golden Man that they mentioned previously has been bugging them about boarding the boat. According to him, if the kids do that, they’ll be able to go to a Golden Palace, one where there is no fog. The kids, however, don’t want to go. They want to stay with Granny Una.

With that, the dialogues will end. Talk to them again and hand over another Sakura Bloom.

After this, you can head to the final location.

Kito and Kina’s Request

The final location is near Mt Kanna, in a small opening that can be accessed via Oina Beach. Once you enter, the two kids will be standing inside. When you start talking to them, the kids will tell you that they no longer need any Sakura Blooms. They have decided to leave the island and go to the Golden Palace. But before they leave, they have one final request. They want you to give something to Granny Una. After that, you’ll receive a package and the quest will end.

You’ll receive an Exquisite chest that will have 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and 3 Hero’s Wit inside.

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