Legend of the Vagabond Sword Guide!

I’ll get straight to it!

The Legend of The Vagabond Sword is another challenge domain event, which is arguably the hardest compared to past challenge events. There are 7 challenges to complete, with each rewarding 60 primogems after completion (420 in total) and a reward system based on the sum of the scores you’ve received from completing those 7 challenges!

Everyone wants to reach at least 21,000 total points to receive the cool namecard, but reaching 30,000 points to flex is no small feat. This means if you wanted to reach the max reward possible, you would have to average a score of 4,285 per challenge! That’s basically majority of the multipliers turned on at expert difficulty, and by no means is that easy.

However, some challenges are arguably a lot easier than others, and in this guide I’ll be explaining which multipliers to turn on so you can have an easier time getting over 4,000 points per challenge! This guide will be split up by the bosses and their respective challenges: Primo Geovishap (Challenge 1 & 4), Hateful Oceanid (Challenge 2 & 5), and Dual Maguu Kenki (Challenge 3 & 6).

PSA: Just some ground rules before we head into the details

Each fight will be on Expert difficulty, so that you can maximize the multiplier by x5. You can lower it to Hard if you want, but that will be only if you want to just get the banner at 21,000 points.

Every fight will have a time limit and HP increase modifier. Keep the time always at 210s (150 points) and the HP at 100% increase (150 points)

This will give you an ample amount of time, and 100% increase isn’t that much to be quite honest!

Every fight will also have a set of elemental RES increase by 50% and increase enemy ATK by 20%. Turn the elemental RES on ALWAYS if your comp’s main DPS doesn’t use that element.

For example: if one of them were increases enemy’s Pyro RES by 50%, and I’m taking Diluc as my DPS, then I won’t turn it on. BUT if I were taking Ganyu, then I’d turn the Pyro RES on since it won’t affect me and it’s free points! As for the enemy ATK 20% buff, always turn it on!

Turn off/on based off what your MAIN DPS’ damage is. Your support’s damage RES doesn’t really matter as much

Lastly, if you see these 2 modifiers, never turn them on. They’ll either make the fight extremely difficult (due to increased CD) or get you killed cause it chunks your HP

Primo Geovishap (Challenges 1 & 4)

This annoying big lump of tanky rock >:(

Challenge 1 Modifiers (4,800 points):

Only problematic modifiers here are the 10% HP loss every 3 seconds DoT when taking damage under 70% HP, and when under 50% HP you lose 25% ATK. Essentially the only way to counter this is by taking a healer. Literally any healer is fine, and Bennett’s Q will still prevent the DoT from occurring since it has to be UNDER 70% (Bennett typically always overheals a tiny bit over 70% anyways :P)

Challenge 4 Modifiers (4,950 points):

The increased DMG taken for 8s after sprinting is the only problematic modifier. Just be aware that you will take A LOT more damage if you get hit after sprinting. The 15% ATK decrease every 5s, that stacks 5 times is optional. If you find yourself not having any issues dealing damage with it on, then feel free to keep it on. Otherwise, I recommend not turning it on

Primo Geovishap only has 6 moves to worry about (and they’re easily choreographed!)

  1. When infront of it, it will swing it arms 1-3 times (varies). You can easily dodge this by just dashing sideways away from it. Dodging behind them won’t work, as it will turn around to swing at you still.
  2. When behind it, it will swing it’s tail 1-3 times (varies). This one is much easier to dodge as you just need to run away from it, and it doesn’t chase you
  3. It’s mini breath attack, where it will slowly get on it’s hind legs and spew infront of it. You can easily dodge this by just running behind it (as it doesn’t track you, and just aimlessly spits infront)
Just dash behind it to dodge!

4. It’s dive attack, where it will swim around 1-2 times, then pop out to do an AoE ground slam attack where it lands. When it’s swimming around, if it collides with you it will do damage. So the moment it dives, just run as far away from the diving point and get ready to dash again when it pops out (this is arguably it’s most inconsistent attack)

5. When it’s HP gets below 20%, it will shoot spines around itself that will pulse with a small AoE attack. You can’t destroy these spines, so the only safe space is by getting close to the Geovishap. Either that, or try to run outside of the circle the spines form and try to lure the Geovishap out

AoE isn’t too large, but Geovishap can push you towards it so just be careful!

6. Finally, it’s major breath attack which will alert you whenever it does it. Just simply use any shield (even crystallize shields work) and it will deal massive damage to itself + change the element it’s infused with!

You’ll notice that as the fight goes on, as you’re dodging it’s attacks you can pretty much make the Geovishap do whatever attack you want it to do — which makes preparing to dodge much easier. Don’t be afraid to just keep rushing the boss with attacks when it’s idle, as it’s giveaways for an attack are pretty easy to tell!

100% take a shielder, as it’s major breath attack will wipe your character. Even a really weak shield will work, as it’s not based off how much DMG the shield can tank, but rather just having a shield really.

You can also cheese the boss using this method, so honestly if you want to just get a free maxed challenge, do that too 😛 (it still works using any menu option, and not just ESC)

Hateful Oceanid (Challenges 2 & 5)

Oceanid… if it was 10x more annoying

Challenge 2 Modifiers (4,800 points):

Of the modifiers, you can actually play around a bit. If your main DPS relies on Normal/Charged attacks a lot, then turn that off and turn on “Switch characters increases DMG taken…” modifier, etc… If you don’t have issues with ATK being decreased by 25%, then feel free to turn that on too. HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking a bow or a character who can hit flying enemies, as those Raptors are near impossible to hit when they’re swooping down to attack. Things like Venti E, Sucrose E, Klee’s E, etc… will still hit them so those work too (or just climb Zhongli’s pillar or something)

Challenge 5 Modifiers (4,350 points):

For Challenge 5, just turn on all the modifiers EXCEPT the Skill CD increase by 150% and the HP% tick one below that. The only problematic modifier is the “When dealing CRIT lose 5% max HP” one, but shields or a healer will basically null that entire problem!

Oceanid has 4 main attacks to worry about:

1. It’s tail slam attack, which is a dead giveaway as she will do a little somersault. Extremely easy to dodge: when she goes up in the air, just simply dash TOWARDS where it took off from. This will make it slam where you were previously, rather than where you are currently

2. The dash attack is hard to read, since it’s pretty much just a quick loop it does before it immediately launches the attack. It will typically do it 1-3 times, but dodging it is simple as you just need to dash sideways (perpendicular) to where the dash is coming from!

It’s pretty much the only giveaway for the dash attack, but it’s basically the same as the slam attack… so good luck LOL

3. It’s beam attack is extremely easy to tell when it’s about to happen, as your character will have a giant blue crosshair spawned on it’s body. Just run towards the elevator that is always spawned on the opposite side of the Oceanid. If you have a ranged character, you can still attack it while it’s casting it’s beam while on top of the elevator! Or you can stand on top of any spawned pillars/rocks from Geo characters or just hover in the air using Venti E or Kazuha E etc… Ignore the crabs that it spawns below you, as they don’t do any damage and will most likely die from just getting hit by AoE attacks from you

4. Final is the massive AoE bomb attack, which will spawn 4 elevators (only 2 for Challenge 2 cause of the modifier). You can actually dash to dodge this attack as well if you time it correctly (dash when the ball starts to glow right before it implodes).

The Oceanid also has two other attacks: one where it spawns a giant bubble that follow you, and one where it shoots multiple smaller bubbles that home towards you. These two attacks are easy to dodge, as you just need to dash right as they’re about to hit you (kind of how you dodge a Ruin Guard’s missile attack). For the giant bubble, you can also attack it and it will just explode

Other tip is when it to run a freeze comp if you have one. Even if freezing enemies will heal them, the heal isn’t that big of a problem and freezing the mobs will still make it 100x easier to hurt them!

Dual Maguu Kenki (Challenge 3 & 6)

Edgy samurai boys that spam their attacks WAY TOO MUCH

Challenge 3 Modifiers (5050 points):

Up to you if you want to turn on the sprint debuff. Honestly 5050 points is more than enough, but if you feel that you can confidently dodge, then go nuts. You want to turn off Healing effectiveness and the ATK% decrease that stacks since those two will make dealing damage MUCH more difficult!

The main modifier to focus is the reviving one: basically if you kill one, you have roughly 10 seconds to kill the other — otherwise the downed one will just respawn. The best way to deal with this (and it’s tedious) is to get one really low to around 5-10% HP, and then start whittle down the other till they’re about the same HP. Then try to nuke them both at the same time. It takes a bit of time to get the timing correctly, but it’s sadly the only real way to deal with that modifier.

If it proves too difficult to beat them with it on, turn it off!

Challenge 6 Modifiers (5350 points):

If you find yourself struggling to stay alive, then turn off the “dealing CRIT will lose 5% Max HP” modifier, as that’s most likely what’s getting you really low.

As for the Lone Gale and Galloping Frost, those refer to the Anemo’s long range slicing attack and the Cryo’s multiple dash attack respectively. The middle modifiers for both make it so that the Anemo only does 4 slashes at a moderate rate, and the Cryo only dashes 3 times.

If you guys a curious about the Maguu Kenki’s moveset, click here to read it in-depth as the Maguu Kenki in Vagabond are basically standalone versions of them!

Two main tips regarding Maguu Kenki:

1. Focus the Anemo > Cryo > Shield in this order. The Anemo is the most problematic, as it spams the most attacks and it’s ranged attack is extremely difficult to deal with if you’re trying to focus down others. The Cryo Maguu will group itself automatically, as it mainly likes to do melee attacks majority of the time. For Challenge 6, it will spawn the Shield Maguu, which you can focus last — just keep an eye out for it’s shield explosion attack that it will spawn on you (dash when the eyes glow red to dodge!)

2. Get out as far away from the Cryo Maguu when it does it’s massive AoE attack. The explosion itself is strong enough to wipe you, but standing in the AoE field it creates will also do MASSIVE damage. When it does this move, run out of the range, and then wait for the Cryo to walk towards you. Once it’s out of the circle’s range, then feel free to focus the Cryo Maguu until you can start attacking the Anemo Maguu (when the Cryo field disappears)

Whenever it does this, get the hell out or risk dying. You can technically dash at the right time to dodge the initial AoE explosion, but it’s not worth the risk!

When the Anemo Maguu does it’s Lone Gale attack, just dash behind it and you’re basically safe! Other than that, when you’re focusing on bursting down the Anemo Maguu, just keep an eye out for the Cryo Maguu’s location and whether or not it’s about to do it’s AoE or dash attack!

The best advice is if you have a ranged DPS to use them since you can still whittle down the Anemo Maguu with little to no risk (since when you’re in melee range the Anemo will do a swing combo to try and hit you)

Otherwise, having major AoE (like Venti Q is a good example) is a great way to quickly burst down both the Maguu Kenki

That’s it! Challenge 7 is just basically a boss rush of the 3 boss types. The order is Oceanid > Primo Geovishap > Maguu Kenki. As for the modifiers, feel free to to just turn on and off what you want to to reach 30,000 points (honestly by this point you should be at 29,300 points total if you followed the guide)!

Last tip is to do this co-op! It will 100% make the experience MUCH easier and doing DPS a lot faster! Plus, if your friends have OP characters like Ganyu or Xiao, it will make practically every fight extremely easy! Don’t forget to use food buffs as well!

Hopefully this guide helps at least ease (or just serve as a guideline) your experience with the Vagabond event! It’s definitely one of the toughest events to date in Genshin, and a nice baseline to test where your character’s builds and team comps are at!

If any of you need help or want to co-op the event, feel free to hop in the Discord server and ask!


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