Legend of the Vagabond Sword

The gate to an unknown domain has opened, and within it await powerful, heretofore unseen foes.

Draw your sword and enact your legend with the fearless spirit of a wandering warrior!

Event Duration

2021/06/25 10:00 – 2021/07/08 03:59 (Server Time)


Adventure Rank 20 or above

Event Guidelines

Starting from day 1 of the event, a new challenge will become available each day. On day 7, all challenge stages will be unlocked. Travelers can choose to take on this challenge solo or Co-Op.

Certain characters will deal increased DMG upon entering the challenge. Each challenge will provide boosts for different characters.

※ Kaedehara Kazuha will be available in the “Leaves in the Wind” Event Wish, please stay tuned for future notices regarding its starting date.

Special Combat Effects — Flairs

Before the challenge begins, you can select the difficulty level as well as special combat effects known as “Flairs.”

Upon completing the challenge, you will receive points according to the selected difficulty and Flairs used. The first time you clear the challenge, you will also be rewarded with Primogems.

Points and Rewards

During the event, you can challenge each stage as many times as you wish to get the highest score that you can.

Your total score is the sum of your high scores from each stage. Reaching a certain total score will grant you an opportunity to claim the event-exclusive namecard “Celebration: Battlesong.”

※ Once the event ends, unclaimed “Legend of the Vagabond Sword” rewards will no longer be available. Please make sure to claim your rewards in time.

Event Rewards

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