Liyue Ichiban: A Hidden Achievement in Inazuma

Whenever a new region is unlocked in Genshin Impact, they bring along with them new quests in the form of commissions and requests. Sometimes these new quests have hidden achievements that can give you a varying number of primogems. You just have to know the right options to unlock them.

Liyue Ichiban is one such hidden achievement, worth 5 primogems. It doesn’t seem like a lot but when you’re a f2p player doing your best to save for characters, every primogem counts.

How can I unlock this achievement?

Unlock the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma

The first thing you have to do is unlock the Adventurer’s Guild in Inazuma. For that to happen, you have to finish the archon quests. Once this is done, a world quest to speak with Katherine should appear on its own. Head down to Inazuma City and interact with her. Once that is done, either from the next day or a few days later, you should start getting commissions in Inazuma. Then you just have to wait.

Accept the Quest The Taste of Home

Once this quest has been activated, follow the navigation to reach the NPC, Tang Wen, and interact with her. Tang Wen will then inform you that she is a researcher from Liyue who was stranded in Inazuma after the Sankoku Decree took effect.

Far away from Liyue, she is home sick and misses the taste of her favorite dishes. After talking for a bit, you’ll have the option to make a dish for her which can either be fish based, meat based or wheat based. Once Paimon is done rambling about the dish that you should make, pointing out all her favorites, you can get cooking.

Give Tang Wen a Suspicious Dish

No matter what dish you decide to make from Tang Wen from the provided options, just make sure its a suspicious dish. That doesn’t sound very appealing but this is how you’ll get your achievement. Sometimes the weird choice is the right one.

How can you get a suspicious dish? Well, one way is to use Hu Tao if you have her. Whenever Hu Tao cooks a dish, she has an 18% chance to creating an additional suspicious dish.

If you don’t have her, however, there is another way. Just mess up the cooking time on your dishes. Either stop the cooking process way before the perfect time or after the perfect time. You don’t want okay dishes. You want suspicious ones.

Once you give Tang Wen the suspicious dish, she’ll be weirded out but will accept the food nonetheless. After this the quest will end but you won’t receive the achievement. At least not yet. There’s still some work left to do.

Accept the Commission Absolutely Unique Delicacy

After you give Tang Wen a suspicious dish, a new commission will be added, Absolutely Unique Delicacy. This may take a day or two to appear but once it does, accept it.

When you meet Tang Wen again, you’ll find out that she’s feeling a bit sick after eating that suspicious dish (Surprise surprise). She hasn’t eaten anything in a while and is starving. As the people who got her sick, it is your job to find a dish that can help her. You’ll have to interact with two additional NPCs, Li Xiao and Qiuyue. Once you’ve gotten their recommendations, gather the ingredients you need and this time, cook a perfect dish.

Give Tang Wen something delicious to eat and viola the achievement is yours. You have successfully made Tang Wen sick and then cured her, earning yourself five primogems.


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