Lost in a Foreign Land World Quest Guide

Lost in a Foreign Land is a world quest available in the Chasm area of Genshin Impact. During this quest, travelers will have to help a Fatui Cicin Mage named Katarina find her brother Nikolay. Divided over three days, apart from the main storyline, there is also a hidden exploration objective.

We’ll be covering all of that in this guide to help you easily finish the quest.

Finding Katarina

The first thing that travelers must do in order to obtain the world quest series is to find Katarina.

To do so, teleport to the Waypoint in the middle of the Glowing Narrows and then explore the area. You’ll find Katarina near the path that leads towards the Skyfrost Nail.

As with any enemy, when you first encounter her, you’ll have to fight her. However, as she loses the fight, she’ll back off, claiming that she has no quarrels with you. She was one of the many Fatui Agents that had been sent down to the Chasm. It is then revealed that she has been down there even before the Traveler started their journey across Teyvat and has lost contact with the team.

After showing her camp, Katarina will ask you to come to visit her some other day.

Lost in a Foreign Land: Seeking

Once the game has reset, head back to the Glowing Narrows and then to Katarina’s camp. She will then ask you for your help.

During an attack on their team, Katarina got separated from everyone including her brother Nikolay. What she needs you to do is find where he is and bring him back to her. And if he’s dead, she wants you to let her know. It is then revealed to her that the alliance between Liyue and the Fatui has fallen through. However, Katarina nor the other Fatui members in the Chasm ever got to know, leaving them stranded down there.

Follow the navigation as it will lead you to clues left behind by Nikolay.

First Clue

Teleport to the Waypoint in the South of the Stony Halls. Glide down towards the location marked on the mini-map until you reach a small cave. Inside, you’ll find an area infested with dark mud. Get rid of it using your Adjuvant. Then, travel deeper into the cave until you come across an abandoned travel bag and diaries.

This is the first clue left behind by Nikolay.

Shred of Corporal Nikolay’s Diary:
 “… Oh no! Katya’s balalaika is broken. I somehow damaged it during the fracas. Gotta get it repaired before she chews me out…”
“…Did our ancestors fight the calamity like this five hundred years ago? The Captain once said we knew not a hundredth of the grueling battles that our ancestors went through…”
(Many pages in the middle are tainted by some black substance. When you clean it off, the writing in ink is also rendered entirely illegible.)
“…I can’t stay here any longer. They could easily track me down through the black mud…”
“…Next, I’m gonna go the opposite direction and lure them further away from the rest of the squad…”
“…There’s a hole near the ruined bastion on the southeast side. Maybe I can take that route…”
“…Wish me luck. If not us, then who?”

Second Clue

Teleport back to the same Waypoint as before. However, this time, instead of gliding down, head towards the ruins where you’ll find a deactivated Ruin Guard. Once you defeat the enemy, a path will be revealed leading into a small room. Inside, you’ll find another part of Nikolay’s diary along with a bloody Insignia.

Corporal Nikolay’s Diary: 
“…I made it into this secret chamber. The mechanical monster is still lurking outside like a ferocious predator, just waiting for me to go out…”
“…My left leg is badly wounded and it hurts like hell. I bandaged it up haphazardly, but it’s swollen — could be a sign of infection…”
“…The grotto has another exit, but I don’t know where it leads. The structure of the exit looks tenuous. Without something to support it, it might collapse if exposed to violent force…”
“…I’ve been spotted! Someone’s coming. It’s a… swordsman… clad in black?”
“…He, no, it… Seems as though even metal bars are no obstacle for it. And just from looking upon it, I know this in my heart…”
“…I’m sorry, Katya.”

Now, teleport back to where Katarina is and give her the insignia. She will thank you for your help and then head out to search for her brother herself. If you want, you can speak to her again and she will reveal some fond memories from her past.

For finishing this quest, you’ll receive 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and 2 Hero’s Wit.

Katarina’s Fate

When the game resets again, Katarina will no longer be at her camp in the Glowing Narrows. As she said before, she’s left to go find her brother.

Using the Waypoint in the South of the Stony Halls, teleport. From there, search the area until you come across the Shadowy Husk. Once you defeat him, you’ll find a letter written by Nikolay that Katarina always carried with her. This implies that while on her search for her brother, she either was heavily injured by the Shadowy Husk or killed.

Nikolay’s Letter

My dear elder sister Katya,

I heard the Captain say that they were going to transfer you to our regiment. My heart brims with joy at the thought of our reunion!I’ve always carried the balalaika you gave me around, doing a bit of repairing here and a bit of mending there. After replacing the frets we’d previously broken, the balalaika sounds much more natural now.But just for the record, since you asked me to keep it, I’m not gonna give it back to you! If my clumsy sister should damage this old pal of mine once more, I won’t go through the trouble of repairing it again!Oh right, I recently learned two new songs. Wait to be impressed when you report in — let me play the songs to you by the bonfire, just like in the old days when we would sing to the melody of balalaika, giggle at the jokes we share, and look forward to the precious gifts from the Tsaritsa to our brothers and sisters in the House of the Hearth in celebration of a new year…What’s different, however, is that we’re no longer carefree children. With greater responsibilities on our shoulders come heavier loads on our minds.

The Captain granted a half-day pass especially for us. Don’t forget to bring your liquor and desserts. Let’s booze it up and talk it out! I’ve so many stories to share with you. I believe you too have had quite an adventure where you were previously deployed!By the way, don’t laugh at me if you notice that I’ve put on some weight! I’ll also keep an eye on your “horizontal development”!

I look forward to meeting you.

Nikolay Snezhevich

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