Lost Riches 2.0: Day 1 Treasure Guide

The new version of Lost Riches has finally begun and travellers have the chance to trade in Iron Coins for different rewards. They will also have the opportunity to acquire a Seelie companion, having a choice between four different types.

Getting Started

Before you can start treasure-hunting, you’ll have to go meet Ulman, the former friend of Seelies. He can be found on the beach near Araumi on Narakumi Island. When you interact with him, Ulman will ask you if you remember him and then go on to explain how he earned a lot of Mora for the Iron Coins he had exchanged. However, with all the riches he made, he lost track of his spending. Now, he’s in Inazuma after hearing that he can make a profit here as well and he needs the Traveler’s help to do it.

Once you agree to help him, Ulman will give you his treasure book along with a treasure-seeking Seelie. Open your inventory and make sure to equip the Seelie since you’ll need it if you hope to find all the Iron Coins. When you’re done with that, you’re ready to begin.

First Location

The first location marked in Ulman’s map is Chinju Forest in Narakumi Island. Since the location is right next to the Waypoint, you won’t have to travel around too much to find it. Just teleport and from there, you can start your investigation.

Chinju Forest

Since Chinju Forest’s terrain is more or less flat, there are no ups and downs to finding the Iron Coins.

Summon your Seelie and start exploring the area. As you get closer to the treasure, your Seelie will begin to glow and will finally, zoom over to where the Coins are. All you have to do is dig them up and you can go back to exploring. Just remember to check out the small stream in the forest as there is treasure down there as well. If you glide over, you’ll miss it.

Unfortunately, where this is treasure, there are treasure hoarders. In this location, you’ll face off against them three times and they usually come in a group of three. Having an anemo character like Sucrose will be good as she can get them all in one place with her elemental skill Astable Anemohypostasis Creation – 6308. Venti and Kazuha are other options.

During your treasure hunt, you can get items like iron chunks and an assortment of vegetables. But the most important item will be map fragments.

Second Location

The next location marked on the map is Nazuchi Beach on Yashiori Island.

Nazuchi Beach

As long as you use the right waypoint, you’ll teleport right to the location and you can start looking for the treasure. Much like Chunji Forest, finding treasure here isn’t hard. However, the beach is crawling with enemies. Over here you can find Kairigi, Hilichurls, Electro Whopperflower and Hydro Slimes roaming about.

You can either be very careful as you navigate about the area to make sure you don’t get into a fight or you can equip your strongest character and take down anyone who stands in your way. Since most of the enemies you’ll face here are either electro or hydro (minus the one Pyro Kairigi), having a cryo character on your team will be helpful. Remember, electro is weak to cryo. Characters like Ganyu, Kaeya or Rosaria can make the battles easier.

From this location, you can expect to find iron Chunks, vegetables, white iron and two map fragments, bringing you one step closer to the secret trove.


You can obtain up to 60 Iron Coins from each location, giving you a total of 120 coins. In the event shop, you can claim various items except for the Seelies. They will only be available after you’ve explored all 14 locations.

For now, though, you can spend Iron Coins to get the following items:

  • 100 Primogems for 80 Iron Coins
  • Hero’s Wit for 8 Iron Coins
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore for 4 Iron Coins
  • 10,000 Mora for 8 Iron Coins.

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