Lost Riches 2.0: Day 2 Treasure Guide

With Lost Riches on its second day, two more locations have been unlocked in Ulman’s treasure book. This means more chances to get Iron Coins which can earn you different rewards. You can also find more map fragments and find out where the Secret Trove is.

Just keep on reading to find out where to find Iron Coins in the third and fourth locations in the book.

Third Location

When you check the treasure book from the event tab, you’ll find that the new location is in Araumi. Use the Waypoint marked below and you’ll reach your destination with ease.


Unlike the previous locations, finding treasure here can be a bit tricky. The first thing you want to do is glide down to the Fatui encampment as most of the Iron Coins are located nearby.

Make sure that you don’t summon your treasure-seeking Seelie until you reach the ground. If you do it before gliding, as you’re going down, the Seelie will disappear. Then, you’ll have to wait for the cooldown to end before you can summon it again.

Once you’re down, quickly get rid of the Fatui Skirmishers in the encampment. You’ll have to fight them sooner or later so it’s best to get them out of the way before you start looking for coins. Over here you’ll find an Anemoboxer Vanguard, Electrohammer Vanguard, Hydrogunner Legionnaire and Cryogunner Legionnaire.

Summon your Seelie after you’ve gotten rid of them and then, begin your search. Most of the treasure locations are near the encampment.

When you’re done fighting them, the Seelie will pinpoint the location.

Now, it’s time to climb. Around two treasures are located on the cliff right in front of the Fatui camp.

As long as you follow your Seelie, you’ll find the remaining coins with ease. You’ll also get two map fragments.


You’re not done yet. The third location has a chance of giving some players a challenge for extra rewards. You may or may not get the challenge here. It’s not the same for everyone.

If you do trigger the challenge here, you’ll have to fight two electro Kairigi with a time limit of sixty seconds.

Since the electro slimes are so close by, as soon as you start fighting, they will come to join.

Defeat your enemies within the given time and earn 5 Hero’s Wits.

Fourth Location

The fourth location is at Fort Fujitou on Yashiori Island. Teleport to the waypoint marked on the map and you’ll reach your destination.

Fort Fujitou

Over here, finding treasure is pretty straightforward. Just summon your Seelie and start looking. At one point, your Seelie will stop right in front of an electro shield. Do not go looking for a Thunder Sakura Bough since the treasure isn’t inside the shield. It’s right outside where the Seelie stopped.

After you’re done with that, head down the path until you see a sword in the ground along with two hilichurls. You’ll have to fight here again since the treasure is right next to one of the Hilichurls.

Much like previous locations, you’ll be able to find map fragments here and once you do, your map will be complete. After getting all the coins in this location, it’s time to go find the Secret Trove.

Secret Trove

The location of the Secret Trove is in Araumi on Narakumi Island.

Glide down to the ruins beneath and the small area will appear on your map on its own. Summon your Seelie and start following until you reach a puzzle. The main objective here is to light the tiles by stepping on them. The pattern you have to follow will be given next to the completed Secret Trove map in the events tab.

Unfortunately, the patterns are not the same for everyone. Different players will get different patterns. The one I got was as below.

While trying to light the tiles you have to remember that you can’t jump or glide. If you step off the platform, you’ll fail the challenge. Also, stepping on an already lit tile will dim it.

Follow the pattern give to you to light up the tiles. It’s okay to step on tiles that aren’t in the pattern as long as you go back and dim it. Once only the pattern tiles are lit, the challenge will end.

After completing the challenge, you’ll earn 60 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora and 6 Mystic Enhancement Ores.

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