Lost Riches 2.0: Day 4 Treasure Guide

The fourth day of Lost Riches revealed two new locations for players to explore while searching for iron coins. With this guide, we’ll be going over each treasure location and the expected rewards so when you start playing, you’ll finish the event with ease.

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Seventh Location

The seventh location on the Lost Riches map is in Tatarasuna. To reach the exact treasure-seeking spot, all players have to do is use the Kannazuka waypoint.

Treasure 1

To start your treasure hunt, glide all the way down from the waypoint. As you’re doing that, you’ll notice a camp of treasure hoarders. The closer you get to the camp, the more your Seelie will glow. But the treasure isn’t inside the camp. You don’t have to fight the treasure hoarders.

The treasure is located near the camp. It’s very close to it but if you’re stealthy enough, you can get it without being spotted.

Treasure 2

Now walk all the way down to the waterlogged path. There, near the water, you’ll find three abandoned boxes. The treasure is hidden within them. Set your treasure-seeking Seelie free and start digging.

Treasure 3

Staring from the boxes, follow along the waterlogged path. Just around the corner, near some rock formations, you’ll find the third treasure. The closer you get, the more your Seelie will burn before pointing out the exact location.

Treasure 4

Now, keep following the same path as before until you see a broken and abandoned cart in the distance. The next treasure is behind the cart. As long as you have your Seelie, it’ll be easy to spot and dig out.

Treasure 5

The next treasure is right across the broken cart. All you have to do is summon your Seelie and it’ll lead you to the right spot. Since there aren’t any enemies around, you can dig in peace.

Treasure 6

Head back in the direction that you came from. Once you reach the boxes from the second location, cross the waterlogged path and walk down a little. There, right across, you’ll find the final treasure. Along with the Iron Coins, you may also find a hidden challenge.

The challenge

For this hidden challenge, you’ll have 30 seconds to defeat a Thunderhelm Lawachurl, an enemy that was introduced with the Inazuma patch. It has an electro shield and has attack mechanisms similar to that of a Cicin mage and Cryo Lawachurl. Like the Cicin Mage, the Thunderhelm Lawachurl can summon bolts of electricity to strike the ground in multiple places and like the Cryo Lawachurl, it can sprint forward, causing electro damage.

Since Electro is weak to Cryo, if you want to break down the shield fast and defeat the Lawachurl in the given time, bring along a Cryo character.

What did I use? A combination of Zhongli (burst to keep the Lawachurl in place), Chongyun (to break the shield with Cryo), Kazuha (For his burst and VV 4-piece effect) and, Bennett (For constant melt and attack boost).

Eigth Location

The next location on the map is in Tatarasuna as well. To reach here, you can either just walk or teleport to the statue of the Seven in the region. From there, glide down to the location.

Thankfully, the location of the treasure is on the outskirts of Tatarasuna so even if you haven’t unlocked the region (like me), you can still go ahead with the event.

Treasure 1

As you’re gliding down from the waypoint, you’ll notice an electro shield in the distance. With your Seelie summoned, make your way towards it and as you do that, your Seelie will start to glow. The treasure, however, isn’t inside the shield so you won’t need an electrogana. It’s right next to it.

Treasure 2

After getting the first treasure, go around the shield and then start climbing up the hill. There, next to a Seelie statue, you’ll find the second treasure.

Treasure 3

Now, glide down from the hill and land right behind the giant conch shell. Your Seelie will begin to glow and make noise, indicating the treasure is nearby. Instead of heading to the conch or climbing back up, head to the tree. The treasure is underneath it.

Treasure 4

Once you’ve dug up the treasure, stay behind the conch and head over to the tree right across from the third treasure’s location. There, among small, blue flowers, you’ll find more Iron Coins.

Treasure 5

Keeping to the hill you came down from, start walking until you notice a wooden fence. Go behind the fence and towards the purple and white flowers. The next treasure is located there.

Treasure 6

For the next treasure, go across until you see an old wooden pathway. Follow along the path and keep an eye on your Seelie’s glow. When close enough, it will lead you under a tree where the treasure is buried.

With this, you’ll have found all the treasures in the sixth location. Now, you can move onto the secret trove.

Secret Trove

After completing the 4th-day locations, the map fragment will be complete, showing you the location of the Secret Trove.

Opening the world map, teleport to the Yashiori Island waypoint that is closest to Fort Mumei. That is where your Secret Trove is. Also, keep an eye on your event map as there is a pattern drawn next to it. You have to replicate the pattern to get the treasure.

Once you reach Fort Mumei, go inside until you see the old gate from the map fragment.

From here, summon your treasure-seeking Seelie and it will lead you to a spot to dig up. A stone surface will appear and you need to step on it to activate the puzzle. Much like the previous Secret Trove, you’ll have to follow the pattern given next to the map fragment to get your reward.

The pattern given, however, is different for everyone. If you have a similar pattern to the one in the picture above, follow this:

From block number #1, head onto #2 and then #3. After that, even though #4 isn’t part of the pattern, you need to use it to get to #5 because if you step off the puzzle platform, jump or try to glide, you’ll lose the challenge.

Once you’re at #4, go over to #5 and then back to #4 again. By doing this, you’ll dim the light for #4. Finally, step onto #6 and the puzzle is solved.

As a reward, you’ll get 60 Primogems, 3 Hero’s Wit, 30,000 Mora and 6 Mystical Enhancement Ores.

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