Lost Riches 2.0: Day 6 Treasure Guide

With Lost Riches coming to an end, there are only four locations left for travellers to explore before they receive their Seelie companion. This also brings everyone one step closer to having enough coins to clear out the event shop.

In this guide, we’ll be showing you the easier way to get all the Iron Coins in the eleventh and twelfth locations. All you have to do is log in and follow.

Eleventh Location

This location is a bit different from the rest since, for this one, you’ll have to walk a bit. You can’t directly teleport into the treasure-seeking boundary. Instead, use Momiji Dyed Court as your teleport point.

Once you arrive there, climb up the hill and you’ll reach your destination.

Treasure 1

Once you’re done climbing, keep going straight until you reach the boundary marked by Ulman. Once inside, keep to the edge of the boundary. As you do that, in the distance, you’ll notice elevated ground. Go up there to the rock formations. That’s where the first treasure is. If you want to know if you’re in the right place, you should be able to see the remains of the Serpent God (his bones) on either side. You’ll also see two Nobushi and one Kairigi along with a chest (if you haven’t already unlocked it).

Treasure 2

Now from the elevated point, jump down. As you reach the ground, your Seelie will begin to glow and make noise, indicating that the treasure is nearby. Head to the right until you see a Flaming Flower. The grass around it will also be on fire. The next treasure is located right behind the flower.

Treasure 3

After you’ve collected the second treasure, keep going right. As you move forward, you’ll find yourself at the edge of the boundary once again. Near a lone wooden fence, among some rocks, you’ll find the next set of Iron Coins. You’ll also be able to see the Serpent God’s remains right in front of you.

Treasure 4

Follow the boundary and head down towards the ocean. Your Seelie will begin to indicate that the treasure is close by three electro slimes come into sight. You won’t have to fight them here since the coins are buried at a good amount of distance.

You can’t see the slimes here because I already fought them.
Treasure 5 & 6

To find the next treasure, head down to where the slimes are. There’s no way to avoid conflict here as the Iron Coins are buried near them. Unless they’re out of the way, your Seelie won’t be able to find them. As soon as the slimes are gone, your Seelie will reappear and lead you to the treasure.

Once you dig up the treasure, the sixth one will appear right next to it in the same spot.

Treasure 7

After collecting the treasure, head straight for the campsite you’ll see in front of you. That’s a Treasure Hoarder camp. While the coins aren’t buried in the camp, they are close to it and avoiding a fight is hard here since there is a Treasure Hoarder roaming about who’ll notice you instantly. Fight the Hoarders and then you can collect your treasure.

The Challenge

At the fourth treasure location, you may encounter a challenge. This differs from player to player. During the challenge, you’ll have to fight two enemies: Cryo Cicin Mage and a Mirror Maiden. While there is no time limit, there is one stipulation. You have to defeat both the enemies without being frozen more than three times. If you’re able to do this, you’ll receive 5 Hero’s Wit.

Twelfth Location

The next treasure location is on the other side of Yashiori Island, right next to the Formation Estate domain. To reach here, teleport to the domain and go right. The boundary should appear after a few steps in that direction.

Treasure 1

After teleporting to the location, keeping to the edge of the boundary, go right. You’ll see a Treasure Hoarder camp in the distance. Next to a tree, you’ll find your Iron coins, buried among some white plants.

Treasure 2

Now, avoiding the Treasure Hoarder who seems to be patrolling the ground, keep going in the same direction, aiming for the cliff instead of the camp. Right before one of the Thunderbearing Mirrors from Orobashi’s Legacy, you’ll find the next treasure.

Treasure 3

Turn left and go around the elevated rock formations. Go past the tree and if you see a Thunder Sakura Bough in the distance, it means you’re going in the right direction. As you reach the tree, your Seelie will glow and make noise. Then it will take you right to the treasure.

Treasure 4

Once you’re done digging up the Iron Coins, head down towards a set of stone stairs. Beyond them is a campsite where a Kairigi and Nobushi seem to be practising their moves. The next treasure is right at the bottom of the steps so go down them and collect.

Treasure 5

From the stone steps, go left until you see a tree stump. Your next treasure is hidden right next to it. With this location, however, you’ll have to be a bit careful. If you take even one step towards the camp, the Kairigi will notice you and the Seelie will disappear. Without the Seelie, you can’t dig up the treasure and get out. You’ll have to finish the fight first.

Treasure 6

Head back towards the stairs and go down the path in front of them. On the right side, you’ll see two barrels and a wooden box. The next treasure is hidden among them. Just go in their direction and your Seelie will do the rest.

Treasure 7

Once you’ve collected the treasure, go down the path until you see a bunch of bandits gathered by the Waverider. Behind a wooden fence on the path, you’ll find the next treasure. At this point, you’ll be very close to the previous campsite. But as long as you’re careful, you won’t have to fight.

Treasure 8

Even after collecting the Iron Coins from the seventh location, your Seelie will still be glowing. This means the next treasure is close by. Just cross the path and go to the otherside. You’ll find the final treasure there. Once you’ve dug it up, you’re done!

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