Lost Riches 2.0: Day 7 Treasure Guide

With the arrival of the 7th day of the Lost Riches, the final locations in Ulman’s book have been unlocked. Upon collecting all the Iron Coins, not only can players clear out the shop but they can also get their Seelie companion.

Thirteenth Location

Located in Kannazuka, to reach the treasure-seeking area, teleport to Kujou Encampment. From there, go through the camp and in the direction of the Waverider. You’ll reach the area soon enough.

Treasure 1

As you reach the location marked on the map, the first thing you’ll notice is a group of bandits on your right. Ignore them and go left. You’ll notice a hilichurl camp there. Head right into it. Why? The treasure is right in the middle of the camp. You’ll have to fight a Mitachurl, Samachurl and two Hilichurls here. Once they are gone, you can collect your treasure.

Treasure 2

After digging up the first set of coins, go to the little hill where the bow-using Hilichurl once was. There, by the hill, you’ll find the second treasure.

Treasure 3

Now, go down the dirt path until you see water in the distance. Close to the shore, you’ll find the next set of Iron Coins.

Treasure 4

To find the next treasure, go to the left, right towards the Waverider. Behind a bush, you’ll find the coins you were looking for. While getting this set, you might notice a Kairigi walking towards you slowly but menacingly. If you’re not in the mood for a fight, be quick about digging and head to the Waverider.

Treasure 5

When you reach the Waverider, you’ll notice that your Seelie is going wild. It’s glowing and making noise. There are little sparks of light coming from it. By now, you should know what this means. The next treasure is very close. Take a few steps towards the water and your Seelie will do the rest.

This is the last set of coins for this location.

Fourteenth Location

The final location for the entire event is on Narakumi Island. To get here, use the Waypoint in Chinju Forest. From there, head left until you see a fox shrine. This is where your search will begin.

Treasure 1

From the big shrine, go down the stone path until you reach a Torii gate (The red gateway). In front of it, you’ll see a small shrine next to which will be a tiny fox statue with blue lines on it. The treasure is hidden behind the shrine.

Treasure 2

While the usual suggestion would be to avoid enemies, this time, go straight for the Cryo Cicin Mage. Fighting her can be annoying but only after she’s gone will the Seelie reappear to reveal the treasure location.

Treasure 3

Once you’ve got the coins, go back to the Torii Gate. Make your way to the one acting as the entrance to the shrine. You’ll find the treasure right next to it.

Treasure 4

Now, use the stone path and go all the way down until you see the Shinozuka standing at a crossroads. From there, go left and up until you see stones on the ground. You’ll find coins here.

Treasure 5

With the fourth treasure collected, keep going left and up like before. Do so until you reach a set of bushes and small trees. When you look across from them, you’ll see a group of bandits. This is where you’ll find the next treasure.

Treasure 6

Don’t change directions as you move forward. The next treasure is in the same area. Roam around until you see a lonely fox statue, similar to the one at the first location. Go over to it and you’ll find a set of coins. With this, you only have one more treasure to go.

Final Treasure

The final treasure is located on the other side of the boundary. Head towards the stream directly from the first location. You’ll find yourself going downhill and that’s okay. You’ll find the final set of coins by a baby tree. Now, you’re done.

With all the Iron Coins in your pocket, open the events tab and go to the Lost Riches event shop. From here, you’ll see that you can now get a Seelie companion. Not only will you be richer in terms of Mora and Hero’s Wit, but you’ll also have a small friend to keep you company while you travel through Teyvat. Other than Paimon of course.

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