Lost Riches: Trade Treasure for a Seelie Companion

First released in January 2020, the Lost Riches event became a fan-favourite because it gave players a chance to obtain an adorable Seelie companion. Unfortunately, those who missed the event missed out on this unique reward.

Thankfully, Genshin Impact is now bringing a new version of the Lost Riches event which will feature the original three Seelies along with a brand new design.


Every event brings its own set of rewards, ranging from talent books to a Crown of Insight. This event is no different and players can hope to obtain the following rewards:

  • Mini Seelie: Viola
  • Mini Seelie: Dayflower
  • Mini Seelie: Rose
  • Mini Seelie: Curcama

Apart from the above rewards, they will also get Primogems, Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore and more.

Mini Seelie: Curcama

Event Duration

The event will start on August 6th 2021 and end on August 16th, 2021. During these 10 days, two treasure locations will be added to the map every day. There will be a total of 14 locations.

While the event itself will end on the 16th, players can still access the shop until August 20th, 2021. However, after that day, you will not be able to exchange Iron Coins for rewards.

How the Event Works

Much like other events released by Genshin Impact, Lost Riches has a set of requirements players have to meet to participate. Firstly, players have to be at Adventure Rank 30 or above. Secondly, they have to finish the Archon Quest Ritou Escape Plan. This version of the event is centred around Inazuma so if players want to explore, they have to be able to leave Ritou without being caught by the Shogunate.

When the event begins, players will have to find the NPC Ulman in Inazuma. After you interact with him, he will give you his treasure book with two locations marked. Every day, Ulman will mark two new locations on the map and occasionally, there will be a bonus location. He will also give you a treasure-seeking Seelie.

Following the map, teleport to the location and equip the Seelie from your inventory. Now, every time you summon the Seelie, when you’re near a treasure, it will begin to glow. Unearth the treasure to receive Iron Coins that you will then give to Ulman in exchange for different rewards.

Sometimes, while you’re looking for treasure, enemies like Treasure Hoarders or Hilichurls will appear. You have to defeat those enemies in order to find what you’re looking for. While you’re in combat, the treasure-seeking Seelie will disappear and you have to wait for the cooldown to end to summon it again.

There are times when you might encounter a challenge. If you finish this challenge, you’ll get a reward. Players can collect up to three rewards from another player’s world.

You may also find fragments of a map along with the treasure. When pieced together, these fragments will pinpoint another location known as a Secret Trove. Use your Seelie when you reach there and find a new treasure.

You can exchange Iron Coins for a Seelie at the end of the event. Until then, remember to save the needed amount for them. Since players can only get one Seelie out of the four, the ten days should give them enough time to decide. If you already have a Seelie from the first version of the event, you can’t get the same one again.

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