Luxurious Chest in Debris of Panjvahe

A quite complicated puzzle to get that sweet Luxurious Chest. But no matter, I will guide to complete the puzzle and claim the Primogems! Along the way, you will also get a Remarkable Chest~ Make sure to follow the order or you will get confused!

1. Remarkable Chest

➥ Teleport to the waypoint in Debris of Panjvahe and turn around before going straight to the ruin in front of you. The first spot is to the lowest part of the ruin filled with water.

Move Cell
Rotate Cell

➥ Defeat the nuisance (enemies) and Move Cell to remove the invisible barrier. Then, Rotate Cell two times in front of the Neverlight Cell to unlock the Remarkable Chest first. A wind current will also appear to let you glide to the top of the ruin.

2. Luxurious Chest

➥ Get the Forged Primal Light first before you glide upwards and approach the first Replicator Keystone. Do this again for the second Replicator Keystone (There is another one of Forged Primal Light at the bottom). 

➥ Once the two Replicator Keystones are activated, you can unlock the door. Take the Forged Primal Light in the now unlocked room and go to the level below and interact with the Obscuring Cells near the Luxurious Chest to make the wall next to you become transparent (which is important for the puzzle).

➥ Get out of the ruin and head to the left side of the ruin (There is a Pyro Hilichurl here) to Rotate Cell twice.

➥ Now go straight and follow the corner until you see another Everlight Cell to Move Cell and complete the puzzle to claim your Luxurious Chest~


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