“Mega Meka Melee” Event Detail

Take Part to Invite "Trial by Fire" Bennett (Pyro)

Event Duration

Event Rewards


● Adventure Rank 20 or above
● Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Details

● During the event, the following gameplay modes will unlock in sequence: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena.
● “Dance Dance Resolution”: Control Toy Adventurers, follow the beat of the music, and hit various Slime puppets.
● “Torrential Turbulent Charge”: Complete an underwater Time Trial Challenge, and make use of various Turbulence items to complete the trial faster.
● “Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena”: Head to the designated location and defeat your opponents to help the staff collect the data they need.
● Complete the various gameplay modes to obtain Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings to exchange for the following rewards from the Event Shop: Crown of Insight, Primogems, Character Talent Materials, Sanctifying Essence, Character Ascension Materials, and Mora. Reach a certain amount of Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings to invite “Trial by Fire” Bennett (Pyro).


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