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In the Court of Fontaine, Leschots Clockwork Workshop is preparing for a major commission, but some complications seem to have arisen... Help the staff to resolve the problems to obtain Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings and exchange for various rewards.

In the Court of Fontaine, Leschots Clockwork Workshop is preparing for a major commission, but some complications seem to have arisen… Help the staff to resolve the problems to obtain Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings and exchange for various rewards.

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ August 24, 2023, 10:00:00 – September 11, 2023, 03:59:59

➥ Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Overview:
➥ During the event, the following gameplay modes will unlock in sequence: Dance Dance Resolution, Torrential Turbulent Charge, and Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena.
Dance Dance Resolution: Control Toy Adventurers, follow the beat of the music, and hit various Slime puppets.
Torrential Turbulent Charge: Complete an underwater Time Trial Challenge, and make use of various Turbulence items to complete the trial faster.
Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena: Head to the designated location and defeat your opponents to help the staff collect the data they need.
➥ Complete the various gameplay modes to obtain Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings to exchange for the following rewards from the Event Shop: Crown of Insight, Primogems, Character Talent Materials, Sanctifying Essence, Character Ascension Materials, and Mora. Reach a certain amount of Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings to invite “Trial by Fire” Bennett (Pyro).

Gameplay Details

1) Dance Dance Resolution

➥ Before the challenge starts, adjust your attack delay on [Calibrate Toy] to optimize your toy’s reaction precision. With suitable attack delay parameters, you will be able to hit toys to the rhythm more easily and score higher in the challenge.

➥ Adjust the Hit Delay value to make the hits on the rhythm more accurate.
➥ During the challenge, control the Toy Adventure (A and D for PC player), follow the music beats, and attack at the right moment to hit the toys lining both sides of the track.

Precise Rhythm

Obtain a high score of 3000 to get all rewards

➥ In the first challenge, there are only Pyro Slimes’ dolls (Toy Red Slimes) and you can tap A or D to attack the doll. Follow the music beats to attack the doll at the right time.

Intensive Drumming

Obtain a high score of 5500 to get all rewards

➥ In the second challenge, Cryo Slimes’ dolls are being added (Toy Blue Slimes). When faced with these dolls, hold the corresponding arrow keys in advance to charge up, before releasing the button to initiate charged attacks. Only charged attacks can damage Toy Blue Slimes.

➥ There will be an exclamation mark signboard to let you know the perfect moment to hold the A or D button. But it’s okay if you start holding the corresponding key before or slightly after the signboard, just make sure to hold it before you reach the Toy Blue Slimes.

Agile Measure

Obtain a high score of 7000 to get all rewards

➥ In the third challenge, a 3rd addition is here and that is the Anemo Slimes or Toy Double Green Slimes. When faced with these toys during the challenge, tap the left and right arrow keys simultaneously to initiate a wide-range attack. Only wide-range attacks can damage Toy Double Green Slimes.

2) Torrential Turbulent Charge

You can’t move your character, but only adjust the direction

➥ In Torrential Turbulent Charge, your character will automatically move forward in the water, and you can adjust their direction to a certain extent.

Take advantage of the Turbulent Bubbles to charge forward

Turbulent Bubbles might appear in open-water challenges, and contact with such bubbles will enable your character to charge forward a certain distance. Make use of Turbulent Bubbles to efficiently reduce time consumption.

Spiked Ball can move in other directions when you get close
Green Wall will shine brighter when you get close so you can see the right path to swim across

➥ Hidden obstacles might appear during the challenge (Spiked Ball and Green Wall). These cannot be seen unless your character gets within a certain distance of them. Contact with them will induce punishment – your challenge time remaining will decrease by 3 seconds.

3) Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena

➥ During the “Efficacy Testing Simulation Arena” challenge, Travelers need to proceed to the designated areas and defeat all enemies. Each challenge has 3 different areas occupied by opponents. Clear all opponents in each area to complete the challenge.

➥ When you start any challenge, make sure to activate the Navigation so the icon will stay visible on the mini-map and you won’t get lost trying to find the location.

Replica Tactic

Part 1 until Part 3 only features Clockwork Meka and Treasure Hoarders

➥ In the first challenge, there are lots of Clockwork Meka (Ousia) enemies with Treasure Hoarders as the supporting mobs. If you don’t have any Pneuma characters to bring along, you can bring any other characters (I recommend a Freeze Team since all of the enemies in this challenge can be Frozen).

Skill Simulation

Part 1 features Electro and Cryo enemies

➥ In the second challenge, the first waves feature various Electro-related enemies. You can bring any Pyro or Cryo characters to remove the shield of Bubbler Seahorse. But the best would be Pyro characters because there will be some Cryo-related characters in the next waves.

Parts 2 and 3 feature Hydro and Cryo enemies

➥ The second and third parts will spawn Hydro, Cryo Slimes, Hydro Phantasm, and Frostarm Lawachurl. Once again, Pyro characters work better in this part to trigger elemental reactions.

Combat Recreation

Part 1 features Cryo and Pyro enemies

➥ It’s best if you can bring along one Anemo character to swirl their elemental shield together. Electro is the one element that can counterattack both Cryo and Pyro enemies.

Part 2 features Breacher Primus

➥ In the second location, you will face a Breacher Primus. In the first wave, it’s only Shatterstone Breacher Primus that can create a Geo shield. The best element to remove that shield is Claymore attacks or Geo attacks. The second wave spawns Overgrown Breacher Primus that can create a Dendro shield, it is weak against Electro.

Part 3 features many enemies

➥ The last part of this challenge features a variety of enemies: Treasure Hoarders, Fatui Pyroslinger, and Clockwork Meka (Pneuma). Bring along an Ousia character if you have any, and if not, use a Freeze Team (even better since you’re near water so constant Hydro applicant)

Gameplay Rewards

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:

  • Primogem x900
  • Fontaine Talent Books x24
  • Mora x 810000
  • Hero’s Wit x 57
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x36
  • Character Ascension Materials x42
  • Toy Adventurers: Beatdance x1
  • Sanctifying Essence x6
  • Adventurer’s Experience x12
  • Crown of Insight

➥ Obtain 2400 Enigmatic Copper Mainsprings from the event gameplays and invite Bennett to the team. Only one invitation is allowed during the event.


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