Midsummer Island Adventure: Act 3 Quick TL;DR Guide!

I’ll get straight to it!

After finishing the story quest, where you unlock the Inazuma puppet and follow the Mondstadt gang to the giant bubble, you’ll unlock Act 3 of the event! You get a brief glimpse of a new, awesome Inazuma boss unit called the Maguu Kenki! Be careful, because it’s not as easy to fight as the other world bosses!

Act 3 (Samurai Sighted… To Arms!) is a world boss encounter that not only tests your ability to quickly deal damage, but also adapt and react to massive AoE damage!

Located dead center of Archipelago! Make sure to grab the TP and the Skiff WP!

There’s a lot to break down, but here’s the quick gist!

Important tip: Don’t waste your bursts or skills right away! Wait until he’s done his waking animation, since it’s invulnerable during it!

Wait until it’s fully planted on both it’s legs, and you see it sort of adjust itself to do damage!

1) Maguu Kenki has 2 stages

The first stage is fairly straight forward, and he only has 3 moves. The first being his dash attack or an AoE attack, where it will slice you with his sword. The dash attack has a pretty dead giveaway, as it’ll grab it’s sword while leaning forward and gathering energy!

Giveaway that he’s about to do his dash attack

Be sure not to mistake the dash attack with the AoE. It’ll still grab it’s sword, but it won’t lean forward and mainly just be gathering energy.

Second attack is the shield bash, where he’ll summon the two floating parts of the mask infront of him and shove it forward! You’ll notice when it easily, as the shield will form fully right infront of him with glowing red eyes.

Just simply dash sideways right as the eyes glow red to easily dodge!

The final attack of the first stage is the shield explosion. The two mask pieces will disappear and start hovering around you. After a second, they’ll collide with each other and do a massive AoE Cryo explosion attack!

If you dash in any direction a second after they appear around you, you’ll easily dodge the AoE attack!

Be sure to dodge the two shield attacks well in the first stage, since it’s when Maguu Kenki spams it the most. Getting hit by them will disqualify you from completing this challenge!

The second stage will only trigger once you get it’s HP down to 75%. You’ll know when the second stage is active, as it’ll summon an elemental sword and do a massive AoE Cryo down plunge attack!

Once the HP is down to roughly 75%, it’ll trigger the second stage!
Signal that it’s entering the second stage

2) Stage 2 involves clones, so be aware of where the clone and the original are!

During Stage 2 of the encounter, Maguu Kenki will spawn either an Anemo or a Cryo clone of itself to mimic it’s moves. They do massive damage, and can quickly cover a lot of space, but their attack patterns are extremely easy to read!

The Anemo clone moveset is much more faster, but have less AoE. It has 2 main attacks (below are images of examples!):

  1. Maguu Kenki does it’s dash attack, but instead send forth an Anemo clone instead
  2. It’ll summon the Anemo clone when it does it’s ranged air slice attack. Anemo clone will only do 1 slice, whereas the original will do 3-4 slices

The Cryo clone is slower, but covers much more AoE. It also has 2 main attacks (below are images of examples!):

  1. Maguu Kenki will charge up and do a small AoE swing attack in place, and the Cryo clone will shortly after release a much larger AoE version of it
  2. It’ll summon the Cryo clone, then dash away to immediately charge up the same AoE attack. Both the Cryo clone and the original will release the AoE attack at the same time, with the Cryo clone’s attack covering much more area

There’s also one last variant with both the Anemo and Cryo clone in one attack. Maguu Kenki will do a regular dash attack, follow up with 2-3 swings (that the Cryo clone will mimic very quickly), and then finish with a shield bash. On top of all that, Maguu Kenki will also do both shield attacks from the first stage randomly weaved in!

But as long as you dodge all those, you’ll complete this challenge!

Phantom attacks are the attacks listed above in the second stage! If you get hit by the original’s version of the attack, you’re still in the clear!

As for the final challenge, it’s as it say: ranged attacks will automatically trigger it’s parry. You’ll know when you’ve triggered the parry when the mask automatically forms infront of the Maguu Kenki and it takes no damage — if that occurs, you’ve already failed the challenge. This is a melee only fight, so tough cookie to all you Ganyu mains 😛

No ranged, oof

That’s it! Now you know everything you need to in order to conqueror the Maguu Kenki world boss! I’ll be covering Act 4 the following day, so keep an eye out for that. Kazuha guide (and team comp) will also be released when his banner goes live later in the month!

Hope this helped! Bye.


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