Midsummer Island Adventure: Act 4 Quick TL;DR Guide!

I’ll get straight to it!

Concluding the story quest to find the Dodo-king, where you literally get to pop the giant bubble, you’ll unlock Act 4 of the event! It’s your traditional “go beat up a monster camp” style mission, but you get to terrorize them with little harpastum bombs you can throw!

Act 4 (Harpastum Bombs Loaded… Blow ‘Em Away!) is an easy and simple exterminate mission that only gets easier if you can properly utilize the harpastum bombs!

1) Location of the camps!

There are 6 guaranteed locations of the camps in Archipelago, each with a set of guaranteed mobs that will spawn. Below will be listed (in order) where the camps will spawn after you clear one out. After you clear the 6th location, it’ll cycle back to the first camp!

The 1st and 2nd camps are just a collection of Hilichurl Berserkers, Archers, and Samachurls.

The 3rd and 4th camps have Large Cryo Slimes first, then two Hilichurl Cryo Shields along with a Cryo Shield Mitachurl

Lastly, the 5th and 6th camps are mainly just a Geo Lawachurl (5th camp) and a Cryo Lawachurl (6th camp), accompanied by two Hilichurls each!

2) Harpastum Bombs!

The unique part of Act 4 is that you get to use Harpastum Bombs! You’ll notice mobs in these camps are slightly stronger/tankier than your average world mob, and the bombs are the quick solution to killing them!

You can craft 3 different types of bombs by heading over to the alchemy station (or any for a matter of fact) on the island where you pop the giant bubble

Crafting station is located on the small hill in the center of that island

Each bomb as a unique trait to them:

  • Straight Shooter: Don’t trust the name, it’s more of a “lob” shooter. Lobs a ball that does massive damage to a single unit. It can kill most of the mobs in one hit, and takes about 2-3 for Lawachurls. The hitbox is EXTREMELY buggy, and even a direct hit will sometimes not register!
  • Floaty Splody: Lobs a ball that will explode and do massive AoE Pyro damage! Will instantly kill all the smaller mobs, and takes around 4 to kill a Lawachurl! THE BEST out of all 3 bombs
  • Hot Pod: Lobs a ball that does a small AoE explosion that spreads fire everywhere. Does little to no real damage, and only meant for melting the Cryo shields the Large Cryo Slimes, Hilichurls, and Mitachurls carry!

Some general advice:

  1. Don’t bother making Hot Pods. They don’t serve any real purpose, as the other two bombs do more than plenty to melt/burn shields
  2. Focus on getting 2 kills with the Straight Shooter in at least 2 encounters to finish the challenge. It’s extremely buggy, so make sure to Hold E to aim down to really land your shot
  3. Floaty Splody has a MASSIVE AoE, so don’t worry about really aiming it. Just shoot it in a general direction (or the center) where mobs are and you’ll typically kill 4-5 enemies in one shot!

Like tip 2 suggests, make sure for two of the camp encounters that you kill 2 enemies with the Straight Shooter to complete the challenge. Afterwards, just feel free to spam the living hell out of Floaty Splody to rush through the rest of the camps!

Really easy challenges!

3) Final Tips!

Completing a camp awards you 300 “Mini Harpastum” currency, which will be used for the event shop to unlock the new 4-star Catalyst “Dodoco Tales!” Dodoco Tales is probably one of the best 4-star catalysts you can equip for characters like Klee, Yanfei, and Ningguang, so don’t forget to unlock it! You’ll also be able to unlock all of it’s refinement via the “Fragments of Innocence” in the shop as well. There are also a bunch of other goodies too!

Remember buy the Fragments of Innocence to refine Dodoco Tales!

Completing 15 camps will be all that you need to buy everything from the shop (15 x 300 = 4500)! What I recommend is to get your Straight Shooter challenge over with, and then spam Floaty Splodies for the rest of the camps to really breeze through them.

Bombs can cause elemental reactions like melt/vaporize/overloaded/swirl, so a really easy way to quickly kill tankier mobs like the Lawachurls is to just quickly apply Hydro or Cryo to them before yeeting your bomb at them!

That’s it! That’s all you pretty much need to know for the final act of the Midsummer Island Adventure event! Hope everyone had fun and lost their minds exploring Archipelago like I did!

Hope this helped! Bye.


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