Midsummer Island Adventure: Act I Quick TL;DR Guide!

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I’ll get straight to it!

After finishing the story quest and unlocking all 4 waypoints, you’ll immediately have access to Act 1 of the event! You basically drive your boat around and cause maritime drive by attacks to nearby Hilichurl bases (you’re basically a pirate)!

Act 1 (Main Cannon, Make Ready… Fire!) is extremely straight forward, but can be tedious, so here’s a quick guide to help speed up the progress!

3 Main things to know:

1) Shiny Flotsams

Shiny Flotsams are the currency you’ll receive for completely each section of the event. You receive 200 Shiny Flotsams per instance, meaning that you’ll have to complete 10 runs to earn the 3 main rewards from the challenge list.

Completing 10 runs will give you 2,000 Shiny Flotsams, meaning you can buy out everything in the Flotsam Shop! So at least you get to kill two birds with one stone + get some cool rewards for the mind-numbing repetition!

This is by far the most tedious part of the mission: actually having to do the mission.

2) Violent Wind Barriers

Certain Hilichurl platforms will be protected by a Violent Wind Barrier. These have 3 HP points that can be hurt by either exploding the barrels near them or your Waverider’s E ability (Heavy Cannon).

Around each Wind Barrier will always be 3 exploding barrels you can shoot. So don’t worry if you accidentally used your E and it’s on CD!

Your E (Heavy Cannon) goes on a 15 second CD after using it, but there are these little clocks near Hilichurl bases that reduce that CD by 10s! So feel free to spam it to destroy the destructible platforms!

One of the reward challenges is to destroy 5 Violent Wind Barriers, so make sure to prioritize them first.

That pretty much covers the important parts, but there are a few extra tips!

3) Additional Tips

The main annoyances are Whirlpools, which will suck in your Waverider or your character and deal massive damage. To escape, simply sprint (shift) out of them!

Sprint to get out!

Your Waverider can get damaged from not only whirlpools, but also enemy Hilichurl attacks. In case you’re afraid your boat might break, and strand you in the ocean, just simply jump out and start fighting the enemy mobs. Your Waverider will automatically regen itself!

It regens pretty quickly too, so don’t worry!

Last major tip is how to quickly progress through the fighting part. First is to always destroy the destructible, smaller platforms! Smaller platforms have no ladder and typically have exploding barrels or no ladder on them. Destroying them will quickly kill the early mobs and also prevent them from spawning on them!

Destroying smaller platforms does 2 things to help out:

  1. You’re not wasting time jumping from platform to platform to fight enemies, since they’ll all be spawning on the larger platform now (typically only one to two large platforms will be spawning enemies)!
  2. This lets you focus on the other reward challenge, which is to kill 60 total enemies while on the platforms!

PSA: I highly advise taking characters who have knockback abilities (Anemo is best) as these platforms are extremely small, and dropkicking enemies into the water is an instant kill! It’ll speed up your progress by A LOT (trust me 😁)

Boom, ez clap

That’s it for Act 1! I hope this guide helped the first Act less tedious/confusing! I’ll be releasing guides on Act 2, 3, and 4 (and other things) as they come out, so keep an eye out for them!

Hope you guys have a great 1.6 experience! Bye.


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