Midsummer Island Adventure: Act II Quick TL;DR Guide!

I’ll get straight to it!

Once you finish the next story quest, and unlock the hidden islands of Archipelago, you’ll have access to Act 2 of the event! It’s essentially a crash course on how to drive your Waverider around, and a test to see if you’re capable of steering your boat.

Act 2 (Whirlpool off to Starboard… Full Speed Ahead!) is pretty simple and doesn’t have much of a difficultly curve, but here are some tips!

3 Main things to know:

1) Steering your Waverider

Your Waverider isn’t exactly the fastest, or easiest, thing to handle. When you arrive to the mission start area, you’ll notice there’s a long wind streak pointing a certain direction: this will let you know which direction you’ll be heading, so make sure to properly align yourself to get a smooth start!

Your Waverider has limited stamina, and speed is a grading component as to what medal (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) you’ll receive. Luckily, there are rings of water that serve as a speed boost+ glowing yellow balls that not only restore your Waverider’s stamina, but also serve as a guiding path!

That’s the driving component, next is important for you to get a Gold Medal!

2) Hidden Insignias

Each mission will always require you to collect all the Insignia’s to receive a Gold Medal for that race! Insignia’s are the giant, gold medallions that you should be prioritizing to collect while racing against the clock!

This is an Insignia

However, in each mission will always be a couple hidden insignias that you can only get by killing the enemies along the race track. Luckily, there are always explosive barrels near them, so you just simply have to blow one up to kill the enemies!

Important reminder: you just need to kill the enemy, not destroy the platform to spawn the hidden insignias. Do don’t waste time trying to destroy the platform — just do a drive-by and go!

3) Gliding

All the race missions will have a gliding portion, which will probably be the hardest part as navigating with your glider can be fickle. A majority (likely 50%-60%) of the insignias will be in this portion, so make sure to take your time to glide properly! There will be air currents for you to ride to help speeden up the process.

Ride the air current to collect coins and reach the end!

Not much advice to give other than to just re-adjust yourself if the air currents accidentally put you too high (or too low) when approaching the next air current. The insignia’s have a fairly lenient pickup range, but just make sure you’re character is still physically touching them to make sure! Don’t want to miss a single insignia and then have to re-do the entire race again 😛

Easy Gold Insignias!

That’s it! Now you know everything you need to in order to breeze through the rest of the races. Upcoming races will unlock as the days go by, so make sure to do them for free (and easy) rewards!

Hope this helped! Bye.


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