Moment of Bloom Wish Character Banner: Is It Worth Rolling?

New character, new waifu, and more empty wallets

I’ll get straight to it!


Hu Tao

Why she’s so good:

  1. Has fairly mid-high range normal/charged attack multipliers – Most characters that are normal/charged attack heavy typically have fairly high multiplier — this is usually an exception for most polearm characters due to their fast, multi-hit combos. Hu Tao has a fairly mid-high range average for her 6-hit combo, that easily competes with Xiao’s multipliers as well.
  2. Multiple self-buff passives and abilities – Albeit at the cost of her own HP, Hu Tao can consistently maintain a strong DMG buff by herself with practically no risk at all. Her E on use grants her bonus ATK based on her Max HP, when she’s below 50% HP, she gains 33% extra Pyro DMG, and her C2 further increases her E DoT DMG based off her Max HP. Overall, it’s a fairly strong kit with essentially no risk because her Q heals her a healthy amount — and heals even more if she’s below half HP.
  3. Extremely easy to gear and play – You literally just spam left click 90% of the time, and her gear doesn’t have to be too optimal as something like 4-set Crimson Witch or an EM build will most likely suite her well. Due to the high influx of polearm characters (and polearm weapons), she has multiple 5-star and 4-star variants to pick from that all suit her very well — anything from Staff of Homa to even Deathmatch, Lithic Spear, or even Dragon’s Bane seem to be doing well on her thus far

So 2Board, should I roll for her then? – No, but also yes

If you already have two to three DPS characters you’re comfortable with, and don’t need another DPS slot (or rather Pyro DPS) then I HIGHLY advise skipping this banner.

Unless your goal is to collect every character, or Hu Tao is your new favorite waifu or whatever, if the criteria above fits you then simply save up those primogems until the next banner arrives. This isn’t to say Hu Tao as a character isn’t worth rolling for, but rather she’s redundant if you have DPS characters you can already do something like Abyss with. What I recommend for those of you who are content with your characters/teams, roll the weapon banner to further enhance the characters you already own. You can read about the weapon banner here.

HOWEVER – if you need a DPS (especially a Pyro DPS), or have Staff of Homa (her intended and currently best in slot weapon), it is recommended to roll for her.

She’s an overall solid DPS pick, with consistent Pyro procs and high sustain. Pair with Staff of Homa, and you’re guaranteed to elevate her buffs and damage output (clearly due to how overpowered 5-star weapons are, and also since the weapon is quite literally made to fit her kit). Not to mention, the 4-star rate up characters are also extremely good regardless, and pair well with Hu Tao. Here’s a quick rundown as to why Xingqiu, Chongyun, and Xiangling are great characters on their own — as well as with Hu Tao:

Xingqiu – Extremely solid Hydro support that is a great fit for normal attack heavy characters like Hu Tao. He can turn a squishy/risky DPS into a semi-tank, as the the sword shields he grants when using his E or Q reduces incoming damage, heals when the sword is broken, and also applies “wet” to nearby enemies. Xingqiu’s Q is also an incredible source of additional DPS, and amazing for those vaporize procs for Pyro EM reactions.

Chongyun – Can be both a great Cryo main DPS or burst DPS/support. The great thing is Chongyun’s E doesn’t interfere with Hu Tao’s E, so you can use it to run a melt reaction comp with her. Chongyun is extremely easy to gear as well, and Cryo is something that’s rather high in demand for Abyss content as well (also to deal with pesky Hydro/Electro shields).

Xiangling – She still holds the title of the OG F2P carry, and can be turned into a nasty burst DPS as well. Paired with Hu Tao, you can easily apply Pyro to nearby enemies with Xiangling’s E + Q, as well as gain additional ATK buff from the Pyro resonance (which you get from running any two Pyro characters together in a team). If by any chance you got extremely unlucky (or lucky if you like her), and got C6 Xiangling, she can be an extremely strong Pyro support for Hu Tao as well!

Whether you roll this banner because you want Hu Tao, or you’re just trying to get constellations for the 4-stars, it’s a fairly promising banner. Ultimately, it’s up to you if you want to roll or pass, but hopefully this little explanation helped aid a bit in your decision making! I’ll be releasing a TL;DR guide for Hu Tao in a few days, so keep an eye out for that!

Hope everyone gets the characters they want, and get lucked out! Bye.


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