Mona’s Elemental Reaction Explained

When we trigger Elemental Reactions (like Vaporize for example), it will always be placed on the left side. For example, Hydro first then Pyro as the trigger, you will see that Pyro aura will be placed on the left side as the trigger aura.

The same mechanic will also apply to Mona’s burst. If you use Mona’s burst first and then pyro attack (without applying pyro before Mona’s burst), then the pyro will be the trigger.

This pyro trigger is useful if your Mona is the support character and you use pyro as your dps carry. You will get 1.5x amplifier bonus + omen additional damage bonus for that vaporize reaction.

However if you use Pyro > Mona’s Burst > Pyro, then Mona will be the trigger in this combo because Mona’s burst has a different mechanic: If there is a reaction happening during Mona’s burst animation, then Mona will be the trigger character.

That’s why the common combo like Bennett Q > Mona Q > Bennett E skill will give high Vaporize damage, because Mona will benefit from the x2 amplifier Vaporize reaction (Pyro > Hydro).

I hope you learn something from this post today. You can also watch this video guide for visual demonstration to help you understand Mona’s Elemental Reaction.

That’s all for this post, I’ll see you in another one!

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