Mouun Shrine Puzzles

Mouun Shrine is a new region that was added to Genshin Impact with the 2.1 update. Old and forgotten, this shrine has fallen to ruin with no one to look after it. However, that does not mean it can’t offer you anything. Genshin Impact has always been full of unique puzzles scattered across the map of Teyvat. Some of them can only be activated during quests while others can be solved at any given time. The two puzzles at Mouun Shrine are the latter.

Follow this guide to know how to solve them easily.

Finding the puzzles

Teleport to Mouun Shrine using the Statue of the Seven in Watatsumi Island. As you go up the path to the shrine, you’ll notice two puzzles on either side of it. On either side of the shrine, you’ll find two puzzles. One with Lightning Probes and another with Electric cubes. Both the puzzles will have two Seelies hovering over them.

While the puzzles may seem different from one another, it is only when you solve both of them that you’ll be able to receive your prize.

Electric Cube Puzzle

The first puzzle we’ll solve is the Electric Cube puzzle. When you go over to them, you’ll find eight cubes, four of which are still standing and four that have been buried

Above the four that are still standing, you’ll find a Seelie. Don’t try to interact with it right now because it won’t move. It’ll stay in place and it won’t show you the pattern you need to follow to solve the puzzle.

However, while we don’t have any help, that doesn’t mean the puzzle will be hard to solve. The four cubes are already lit up so all you have to do is rotate them. This can be done by using an elemental attack. For that, bow characters like Fischl or Amber are useful thanks to their aimed shots.

Hit the cubes with elemental attacks until all four of them are facing inwards at one another. Once that is done, the Seelie will begin to move.

Follow it towards the statue and then up to the shrine where it’ll take its place.

With this, the first part is over.

Lightning Probe Puzzle

Once you’re done with the first puzzle, head on over to the other side of the shrine where the Lightning Probes are. There will be two of them present there and a Seelie that seems to keep moving all around.

Out of the three arrows, only one will be unlocked.

By the tree that is overlooking the puzzle, you’ll find a Watatsumi Statue. When you interact with the statue, two more Seelies will appear. One will hover over the puzzle while the other will stay by the statue.

Now, all three Lightning Probes will be unlocked.

To solve the puzzle, you have to make sure that all the three Lightning Probes are facing in different directions. However, you can’t interact with the probes. Instead, if you stand in front of one and move, it will move along with you.

During this puzzle, you can’t rely on the third Seelie over the statue. It will not move from its place until the puzzle is solved. The other Seelies also don’t really react to the traveller’s presence. They have a set path that they keep moving in. In this case, you’ll have to act as the third Seelie.

Head over to the arrow that is closest to the Statue of the Seven. Once it starts moving along with you, stand in the direction of Bourou Village. You don’t have to run all way to the edge of the cliff. Just take a few steps in that direction and the arrow will adjust itself accordingly.

Meanwhile, the two Seelie will rotate the remaining arrows. When everything is in place, Paimon will tell you that the Seelie over the statue looks satisfied. The puzzle is now solved.

The Seelie will finally begin to move and head over to the shrine. There, you’ll find a luxurious chest waiting for you.

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