Multi-Layered Map? We Hear You! Developers Discussion – 06/20

The newest Developers Discussion has arrived~ We'd like to share all the optimizations that will be released soon as well as some plans that are already in the works. Let's take a look!

Dear Traveler,
The newest Developers Discussion has arrived~ We’d like to share all the optimizations that will be released soon as well as some plans that are already in the works. Let’s take a look!

1) Multi-Layered Map

As the story progresses, Travelers will discover and explore underground regions. During these moments, they might find themselves lost and uncertain as to which way they should go. As such, we will introduce the Multi-Layered Map function in Version 4.0. Now, everyone can use the Map to gain more concise details regarding whether they are in a new or unlocked area.

Certain areas might be complex in terrain and encompass multiple layers. Travelers can switch across these layers in the Map when the time comes to better view the area.

(*This is under development and is not indicative of the final product.)

2) Quest-Related Optimizations

The developers are also following up on the overall experience offered by the Quest system. First, we would like to share with everyone the optimizations coming in Version 3.8:

1) Quest-tracking optimizations: When the objective is a certain distance from a Traveler’s current position, they can click Navigate to open the Map and orient themselves.

(*This is under development and is not indicative of the final product.)

2) Persistent tracking support for Daily Commissions

After the Version 3.8 update, Travelers will automatically track their next Commission Quest based on distance and other factors after completing their current Commission Quest.

3) When the Hangout Events come to an end, you will gain the “Review Invitation” button in the Hangout Memory menu which will allow you to view the narrative checkpoints.

(*This is under development and is not indicative of the final product.)

4) Quest menu display optimizations: Adjusted the sorting rules for certain Quests and optimized how red dots are displayed.

After the Version 3.8 update, red dots will be displayed more intuitively and conveniently for Quests. At the same time, the rules for sorting the Archon Quests or certain other Quests will be optimized, allowing Travelers to discover their objectives faster.

(*This is under development and is not indicative of the final product.)

Aside from the coming optimizations, the concerns that everyone mentioned regarding Quest Characters being occupied and the complexity of prerequisite quests’ completion priority have been noted by the development team. They are currently discussing the necessary optimization plans, and we would like to first share our thoughts with everyone:

5) Currently, the occupied quest indications are rather simplistic. Travelers might need to additionally track and sort through related quests.

Developers therefore decided to plan to add a more detailed redirection guide for the affected quests in the quest menu to help Travelers to resolve their occupied quests.

Additionally, we also noticed that Travelers may unlock multiple Story Quests concurrently to use up their Story Keys, resulting in a build up of quests and creating interconnected preoccupations between them. To deal with this situation, the developers plan to separate the unlocking and accepting sections of a Story Quest into two steps. After the adjustments, after unlocking the Story Quest, Travelers will no longer automatically accept them, thereby prevent Travelers from wasting any keys while also preventing the inter-quest congestion.

Aside from the considered optimizations we mentioned above, the development team will continue to develop an overall iterative plan to deal with the preoccupation issue, in the hopes of providing a smoother questing experience for everyone.

6) Travelers will successively unlock many different stories along their adventure. We have also noticed the “too many prerequisite quests causing people to not know where to start” issue mentioned by Travelers.

The developers are currently working on optimizing issues brought on the multi-stage nature of prerequisite quests. We plan to plot out the current prerequisite quest’s completion process in a pop-up window display. This way, Travelers can be more efficiently redirected to the prerequisite quests they haven’t completed yet.

These are the quest and Map system optimizations we would like to announce for now. Not long ago, the “Divine Ingenuity: Collector’s Chapter” event was released. During this time, we also discovered many interesting Custom Domains created by the community, and also heard the calls for “making time-limited events permanent.” Here, we would like to take the opportunity and chat with everyone regarding our thoughts about Permanent Gameplay modes:

For certain Genshin Impact gameplay events, the development team has already considered the possibility of making them permanent fixtures during the inception of their development. However, based on our evaluations, certain gameplay events are not fleshed out enough in terms of content to support the long-term gameplay experience for everyone. We will combine the feedback from our Travelers regarding event gameplay for future iterations and will release new permanent gameplay options at the right time.

In the future, the development team will continue to plan more permanent content. We hope to bring more interesting experiences for our Travelers.

That’s all for this Developers Discussion. Travelers, do you have anything else you wish to learn about? We will continue to interview the development team and share our details with everyone as soon as possible.

If you have any thoughts or feedback, you can also send them to us through channels within and outside of the game~


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