Mural Puzzle from the Other Side of Isle and Sea World Quest

The Golden Apple Archipelago is full of quests, challenges, and mini-games. One of the quests involves the murals around the isles and this guide will help you with the mural puzzle from the Other Side of Isle and Sea World Quest.

Head back to the Broken Isle of the Golden Apple Archipelago because that’s where the five pools are going to be for the puzzle. 

According to the Broken Isle Mural here are the water levels for each pool:

  • Top Left: Half
  • Bottom Left: Full
  • Middle/center: Low
  • Bottom Right: Half
  • Top Right: Low

At each pool, there are three white line markers on the side of the pool. Furthermore around each of the pools, there are two stones that you can step on to control the water level. The right stone brings the water level up and the left stone brings the water level down. Use your character to step on them, and jump on the stone if it doesn’t move the water level. 

After getting all the water levels in the right amount, head to the boat/waverider summoning point on the beach of the Broken Isle.  

As you can see the pillars are marked with white lines with the center pillar being one. That’s the order you have to step on the stones next to the pillars. The stones even play a note once you step on them. Afterward, you will get into a cutscene and the three chests below will appear as your reward for solving the puzzle. 

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