Nahida Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Nahida (literally an iPad kid… she’s all tech’d out)

She literally dreamed of a dream where she dreamed she was having a dream… What the…

Element: Dendro

Weapon: Catalyst


24/7 Dendro procsInsane self-buffsExtremely low CDs
Has EM as hidden statMultipliers benefit from 2 statsMassive AoE
Extremely spammable burstEasy to gear/playNot reliant on constellations


Hold E can be interruptedVery squishy/prone to get hitHeavily reaction reliant
Requires some team composition for Q buffAscension materials can be annoying to farm

PSA #1: Nahida is definitely one of the best reaction enablers out so far, with her E having zero downsides. While her most known comp is The Nilou-Bloom nuke comp, you can also slot her in a lot more comps. Here’s a really fun one below:

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • E is an extremely consistent AoE group CC + insane energy battery
  • Q can infuse with other elements, providing constant element application to Nahida’s E to react with
  • Can run 4x Viridescent to help shred enemy RES for your main/sub DPS carries (non-Nahida) + provide EM
  • Raiden’s E is one of the best Electro enablers in-game, and triggers off Nahida’s Tri-Karma procs
  • Q serves as reliable burst/main DPS potential for nuking tankier targets + Nahida’s Q can hypercharge her Raiden’s Q stacks
  • Can turn Nahida into a sniper rifle using Hold E + allows Tri-Karma procs to trigger more often
  • E provides a stationary heal that also applies Hydro to nearby enemies causing Bloom
  • Her Q turns her into a potential on-field DPS in-case of DPS downtime
  • Can swap to Kokomi to NA to generate more Bloom reactions from Tri-Karma procs

PSA #2: The team above is really fun and has a lot of synergy between all members. The rotation is Raiden E > Nahida E > Kokomi E > repeat + Kazuha E/Q whenever possible. I highly advise NOT taking a Pyro member since Burn reaction isn’t that strong compared to others. Only take Pyro if you’re running a Pyro-Dendro comp.

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Pyro Options – Bennett is a great choice for heals, ATK buff, and his Q which constantly applies Pyro to on-field enemies. Yoimiya can work with Nahida, but she benefits a lot more from other enablers like Yelan or Raiden.
  • Sucrose/Venti – Sucrose is a prime EM mule, able to donate tons of EM to other team members while also granting the TTDS 48% ATK buff. Venti is a great AoE CC with his Q and amazing battery. Both can run 4x VV to shred enemy RES for your main DPS as well.
  • Fishcl – Her E is great with synergizing with Nahida’s E for it’s frequent procs. The upside is that even if Oz aims at the wrong unit, Nahida’s E will 100% mark them due to it’s outrageous range/hitbox.
  • Yae Miko – Yae is like a more consistent version of Fishcl, while also allowing a burst DPS option with her Q like Raiden does. Only downside is that you have to constantly main E on the field.
  • Mona – Her E works great for 2 reasons: 1) enemies will be taunted by E and group themselves and 2) it applies Hydro allowing for massive Bloom reactions. Her Q is also great for momentary nuke.
  • Barbara – Not the best option, but can still achieve what Kokomi can. Just make sure to stand next to enemies to apply Wet from her heal ring around your character (ticks 5 times).
  • Nilou – Arguably the best Hydro applicator but only 1 thing: make sure to run a Hydro-Dendro comp only for the mega Bloom nuke.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. My current roster allows me this team: Nahida, Raiden, Sucrose. Last slot I’m having a problem. I don’t have a good hydro roster and aside from my 4*s, my only 5* for it is Mona. Kinda want a healer last slot for my peace of mind, but idk how huge of a performance drop it’ll be if I put Barbara instead of Mona for the hydro slot. OR, if I get lucky, I can try and pull for Childe but idk if he’s gonna be any better.

    • You could run Barbara for the heal. I actually run a similar comp of Heizou, Kazuha, Nahida, Barbara just to focus on getting off as many blooms as possible.

  2. Since my Kokomi + Kazuha is locked in my Ayaka freeze comp with Shenhe, i decided to go with Nahida / Yelan / XQ / Kuki, Nahida being the driver. Another fun one i went with was Cyno / Kuki / Yelan / Nahida, but it wasn’t as fast as the XQ/Yelan comp for abyss, probably due to Cyno not being built EM and stealing Hyperblooms. Kuki has c6 with key and full gilded EM setup.

    • Yeah, pumping out dendro cores fast seems to be a more favorite method for Dendro comps atm. It’s mainly due to how strong they are for Abyss as well currently, but Burgeon and quicken/haste damage is nothing to laugh at!

  3. So my comp is Cyno, Beidou, Nahida, Kazuha. I could swap Kazuha out for Bennett, but I’m honestly a little unsure. Cyno and Beidou work well together, and both Kazuha and Bennett are great supports/buffers. I’m honestly a little stuck! Without Kazuha, I have crowd control but no healer. Without Bennett, I have a healer but no crowd control. Thoughts?

    • If you have Kuki Shinobu, that can be a great replacement for Beidou (since Kuki’s E is basically like Beidou’s Q). Only downside being you will lose the Electro RES debuff that Beidou can provide, but still maintain the high Electro uptime.

      But if it was between Kazuha and Bennett, I would honestly keep Kazuha for the 4x VV + AoE CC + Battery he can provide — if you’re not struggling to maintain HP.