Neuvillette Playable Character Announcement

He who looks down on all that are haughty

Someday, when they return, their true ordeal shall begin.
— Xbalanque, One Entombed With the Primal Fire

◆ Name: Neuvillette
◆ Title: Ordainer of Inexorable Judgment
◆ Iudex of Fontaine
◆ ???: Hydro
◆ Constellation: ???

“Given that our previous behind-the-scenes editorial on the Hydro Archon earned us the honorable epithet of ‘tabloid journalism’ from our dear Monsieur Neuvillette, this time we’ll be focusing on the mysterious Iudex himself. We know little indeed of his true character, and sadly our multiple requests for an interview were all turned down. Instead, we have decided to reach out and draw upon the wisdom of the masses. In the pursuit of the truth, all anonymous submissions and attestations of manifestly questionable veracity have been filtered out. We were rather intrigued, however, by the following letter written in a particularly adorable script:

“If the Darknight Hero really does exist, he’s probably just someone in disguise. When he gets up in the morning to brush his teeth, it’s the real him. Only in the dead of night does he become the Darknight Hero. But not (Monsieur) Neuvillette. The Chief Justice IS the real him. For us Melusines, our ideal of the perfect father — that’s also the real him. The only person that isn’t really him is the one that goes by the name of Neuvillette.”
From this, we can safely surmise… that Neuvillette must be the only male Melusine! Granted, the Melusines actually appeared much later than when Neuvillette took up his post. But in the face of such ironclad evidence, there’s bound to be some way of explaining this!”
— Seven Nations Gazette, a notorious tabloid


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