New 4.0 Official Redeem Codes (60 Primogems)

1 new redemption code for Version 4.0 that gives out 60 Primogems.

Redemption Code: 2S84JS839T8R

Rewards: 60 Primogems & 5 Adventurer’s Experience
Redemption Code Valid From: August 16, 2023, 11:00 (UTC +8)
Redemption Code Validity Expires: Unknown

How to Claim Redemption Code

1st Method

There is a hyperlink from the redemption code above, you only need to click the link and it will direct you to the official Genshin Impact redeem code website. But if you want the hard way, you can visit the website yourself and copy paste the codes by clicking here:

2nd Method

The second method is by opening Genshin Impact and going to Settings > Account > Redeem Code under Paimon Menu. Then, just copy paste the two codes above into the prompt box and click Exchange.


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