New Version Special Program Announcement: Inazuma Patch 2.0 Preview Stream

Genshin Impact’s next major update will be introducing the anticipated new region, Inazuma. It will be the third region (out of the seven) in Teyvat, inspired by Japan. It ruled by the Electro Archon Baal (Raiden Shogun) and we will be able to attune our Traveler to the Electro element here.

Version 1.6’s new character Kazuha is also from here, and we will see more such as Kamisato Ayaka, Yoimiya and Sayu. The next chapter of the Archon Quest will also take place in this nation.

miHoYo will be holding their usual preview stream, showing off what’s to come as well as limited-time promotional codes for players to redeem during this time! The stream will start on the official Twitch channel at 8:00 AM (UTC -4) on July 9th, 2021 and the official YouTube channel will release the VOD on the same day at 12:00 PM (UTC -4). Thanks to MaitieS for compiling the information on reddit!




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