Nilou Quick TL;DR Team Comp Guide

Nilou (she just wants to dance man…)

She has a fear of mushrooms because she ate a poisonous mushroom once

Element: Hydro

Weapon: Sword


24/7 Hydro ProcsInsane self-buffsHyper-reaction buffer
Has HP% as hidden statLow CD’s and high durationsMassive AoE
Extremely reliable as enablerExtremely easy to gear/playNot reliant on constellations


A1 and A4 passive useless unless in Hydro-DendroMessing up E choice lowers DPS massivelyShift/Dash provides no i-frames
Bountiful Cores cannot Burgeon/HyperbloomDependent on Dendro Cores for DMGSuffers against shields a lot

PSA #1: I’ll clear the air by saying this first: Nilou is still very competitive to other Hydro enablers outside of Dendro-Hydro comps. However, you will be seriously stunting her maximum output by denying her Bountiful Core and her A4 Passive! Below is a team that, while limited, can seriously provide some AoE nukes.

Regarding replacement options, I’ll explain below as currently (in 3.1) the options are extremely limited!

Who to take (alternatives explained below!):

  • Her E can reliably apply Dendro to multiple enemies twice
  • Q is an incredible AoE Dendro field that can constantly apply Dendro that pairs well with Nilou’s Whirling Steps
  • Can run 4x Deepwood Memories to further shred Dendro RES by 30%
Dendro Traveler
  • Dendro Traveler’s E is a quick and wide Dendro application. Great for quick swap
  • Q is an extremely strong AoE Dendro that can constantly apply Dendro and has a long duration
  • Traveler can run Sapwood Blade, which can drop a 120 EM buff for Nilou to pick up
  • Kokomi’s E is an amazing heal and can constantly apply Wet to nearby enemies (must position near her E though)
  • Q can be run as a technical “main DPS/burst DPS,” and can be used after the initial rotation for CD downtime
  • Hydro Resonance also provides a 20% HP bonus, further boosting Nilou’s total DPS.

PSA #2: Currently in 3.1, this is the “standard” Nilou comp. The rotation is extremely simple:

  1. Collei E and Q to initiate
  2. Swap to Kokomi and place down E to trigger initial Bloom
  3. Swap to Dendro Traveler and place down Q, which will also spawn the Leaf buff from Sapwood Blade
  4. Swap to Nilou and quickly spam E 3x for Whirling Steps, which also grants Golden Chalice buff for Bountiful Cores and 100 EM
  5. Either stay on Nilou and proc Q OR can swap to Kokomi if you have her Burst
  6. Repeat 1 – 6

While most AoE comps struggle with 1) positioning and 2) single target nuking, this comp has zero problems with that due to the pure size of the area.

As long as you’re somewhat keen on your position (like not using your rotation when a Mitachurl charges etc…), you will be able to dish out insane damage from Bountiful Core explosions.

Collei’s fast Q Dendro procs + Nilou’s fast Whirling Steps aura Hydro procs provide instant Bountiful Cores for AoE. Traveler’s Q targets one at a time, which is great for solo-nuking as well.

Great flex slot alternatives:

  • Tighnari – E is a taunt that’s great for grouping enemies. Tighnari’s passive allows him to quickly shoot 3 fully Charged Attacks in succession for DPS as well. Can be run as burst DPS for his Q.
  • Barbara – E can continously heal and periodically apply Wet on heal pulses. Q is an amazing burst heal and can run 4x Ocean Hued for heal bubble pop.
  • Mona – E can taunt and apply Wet to nearby foes. Q can also be triggered off Nilou’s Bountiful Core explosions, leading to massive damage
  • Yelan/Xingiqu – Can technically be used to apply Hydro, but not the most reliant form. Good if you want to run Nilou as main DPS though.
  • Ayato – Run as the main DPS slot, and swap to after the initial rotation (similar to how Kokomi’s Q would play). His E is great for constantly spawning Bountiful Cores once the Golden Chalice buff is activated.


PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK QUESTIONS BELOW! I’ll try my best to respond as I know some players may not have ANY of the characters mentioned.

Hope this helped. Bye.


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Hello! Must have been a while since this is posted but I just got curious about a few things:

    1. What 3H1D brings to the table when 2Dendro Reso is an amazing resonance.

    2. Why do players still build high EM on Nilou’s teammates (Sac Frags Kokomi?) if she was supposed to fill her own niche in massive bloom damage? How is this different from simply running a bloom hydro driver with high EM by themselves?

    3. How different is Bountiful Cores from Burgeon?

    Thanks for the future answers!