Orb of Blue Depths Location and Final Room

Many of you may not have noticed the Orb of Blue Depths in your inventory. This is a new item that was introduced in Genshin Impact with the 2.6 update. After defeating certain Shadowy Husks, it automatically gets added to a traveler’s inventory and there are a total of 9 Orbs.

However, just because you fought a Shadowy Husk doesn’t mean you’ll get an orb. Only certain enemies have it. In this guide, we’ll be covering which enemies to defeat, where to find them, and lastly, how to use the Orb of Blue Depths.

Shadowy Husks

Shadowy Husks are new enemies that have been added to the Chasm region of Genshin Impact. However, we were first introduced to them in Enkanomiya. Each of these enemies has its own unique attack style but, since their skills take time to load, you’ll have plenty of chances to dodge easily.

Now, in order to find an Orb of Blue Depths, you’ll have to fight nine Shadowy Husks. However, as mentioned above, not all enemies will give you an Orb. In order to get one, you need to find the Shadowy Husks with a name. Since most of them are hidden away, this can be a tricky task.

Just follow the instructions given below and you should be fine.

Where to find the Orb of Blue Depths?

Skeld: Augur of Mirrors

Enter not, outlander… Do not disturb the sleeping stone from the heavens…

The first Shadowy Husk, Skeld, can be found in the locked room in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel. In order to unlock the room, you’ll need to find the Miner’s Key. Once you have the key, open the room and enter. You’ll immediately find Skeld sitting by a campsite along with an Exquisite Chest.

Halftaf: The Young

 …O guest from the false land, it is time to face the truth…!

To reach Haltaf, teleport to the Serpent’s Cave and then glide into the trenches under the Ruin Serpent’s location. You’ll find a Shadowy Husk standing in some dark mud. Since this will eventually slow you down, be sure to have your Adjuvant equipped in order to get rid of the mud.

Once that’s done, fight Halftaf and obtain his orb.

Edgetho: Breaker Of The Oath Of Silence

…Companion of that tyrant, “fate,” the traveler known as “calamity”…

Finding Edgetho is a bit tricky since he resides in a hidden room within the Chasm. In order to reach it, you’ll have to take a long route.

Teleport to the Waypoint in the South of The Chasm: Mining Area. From there, enter the passageway immediately to the West and follow the water. When you reach a waterfall with a Hydro Mimic standing guard, do not dive in. Instead, hug the wall and go around the trench. You’ll reach another opening outside of which you’ll find a Lumenspar as well as a Seelie. Go over to it and follow the Seelie into a cave until it leads you to another room.

You’ll find Edgetho as well as another Shadowy Husk in that room along with a few challenges and Geo constructs.

Hyglacg: Rebuked Servant

…Even the ominous thing that came down from the heavens shall be ours to use…

Teleport to the Underground Waterway and then travel downstream. Stick close to the ruins and inside one of them, you’ll find Hyglacg.

Serkir: Scribe Of Swords

 …Envoy of the heavens, allow me to greet you — with a vengeance!

To find Serkir, teleport to the Nameless Ruins and then head south. You’ll find him hidden behind a small stone hill, standing in dark mud. Remember to first use your Adjuvant to get rid of the mud before you start the fight.

Buliwyf: Guardian Of The Desolation

 Craven trespassers… the majestic one’s dark curse… is inescapable…

Finding Buliwyf is tricky but at the same time easy when you realize exactly where he is. Teleport to the Waypoint South of the Stony Halls. Then, keep to the wall as you move towards the Hilichurl busy digging for something.

Before you see him, you’ll notice the edge of a room jutting out of the cave wall. Follow this edge until you reach an entrance blocked by debris. Use a Geo attack (such as Zhongli’s elemental skill) in order to remove the blockage and inside, you’ll find Buliwyf along with two other Husks.

Roneth: Banished Knight

…Who art thou to stop us… We shall cleanse the tainted things from the skies… with sacred blood…!

Teleport to the Waypoint in the Glowing Narrows, close to the place where the exploration team has set up camp. From there, head downwards and you’ll find him sitting in a pool of water.

Herger: Jester Of Bloody Tears

Depart! Depart…! The shadow of the omnipresent struggle is not something you can bear!

In order to find Herger, you first need to teleport to the Waypoint in the middle of the Glowing Narrows. From there, head to the other side of the Waypoint or East. Keep close to the wall until you find an exploding geo construct. Run close to it and then away in order to make it explode.

Now, the wall will come down, revealing Herger sitting in front of a waterfall.

Rethel: Slain Of The Split Bow

Why do you tarry in this place, Traveler? … There is only death here, only memories to injustice…

Rethel is the last Shadowy Husk you need to find. From the Glowing Narrows, head towards the area with the Skyfrost Nail. Before you reach, you’ll notice a drop-off in the path. Go down and you’ll find Rethel near a small pool of water.

Using the Orb of Blue Depths

Once you’ve fought all nine Shadowy Husks, you’ll have nine orbs in your inventory. Now, all you need to do is find the secret room and use them.

In order to do so, teleport to the Nameless Ruins and from there, make your way through the upside buildings and head south. Make sure to not fall. If you do, you’ll have to start all over again. Basically, you need to reach the room from the Archon Story quest where the Abyss order was planning to carry out their plan.

Haven’t really played the story quest? Follow these instructions. Teleport to the Waypoint in the Nameless Ruins. From there, use the opening to the side instead of the front and make your way to the next building. Once in the building, climb to a higher floor.

When you do that, you’ll notice a small bridge connecting the building to another one. Cross it and then search the area until you find a mechanism. Glide over to it and then activate the Mechanism using the Orb of Blue Depths. A secret room will open up and you can get your rewards.


In the secret room, you’ll find one Exquisite chest, one Precious chest and one Luxurious chest. You’ll also find a mysterious letter.

After finishing this Exploration Objective, you’ll unlock the achievement Crede Tenebrae.

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