Orobashi’s Legacy World Quest Guide

After visiting Yashiori Island, you’ll notice that it never seems to stop raining there. The sky is always full of dark clouds and wherever you go, lightning will follow. Certain regions of the map cannot be accessed without an electrogana accompanying you lest you lose your HP over time and die. Because of these reasons, exploring Yashiori Island can be a pain. Thankfully, there is a way to make the weather better at least.

That way is the world quest Orobashi’s Legacy.

This quest is divided into six parts, including the prologue which means there is a lot you have to do, including solving puzzles. In this guide, we’ll be covering the different parts so that when you sit down to play, you’ll get through everything with ease.

Activating the Quest

To activate the quest, teleport to the Statue of the Seven in Higi village where you’ll meet a NPC named Kaji. When you interact with Kaji, he’ll explain why the storm in Yashiori Island never seems to end.

After the death of the serpent god, Orobashi no Mikoto, something known as the Tatarigami was released. According to Kaji, the Tatarigami is the suppressed soul of the serpent god. For a long time, the soul had been sealed under several wards which allowed the people of Yashiori Island to live in peace. Unfortunately, people of the Sangonomiya clan destroyed these wards, bringing misfortune to the island.

Without the wards, the Tatarigami spread causing not only the weather to go bad but it also made people sick. Since there was no cure to this predicament, people had no choice but to leave the island. Kaji was one of the few who decided to stay back and find a way to fix things.  

Once Kaji is done explaining the reason behind all the wrongs on the island, he will ask you to take a look at the ward and see if you can fix it.

With this, the prologue will conclude and you will receive 20 Primogems and 10,000 Mora.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part I

After you’re done talking to Kaji, follow the navigation to the first ward. Once you interact with it, the game will tell you that the ward is missing two parts. To find them, you’ll have to use elemental sight.

As you begin to follow the traces of electro energy, you’ll be led to Fort Fujito where a giant water barrier seems to be protecting the first part. The first thing you’ll have to do is fight the five Nobushi that surround the barrier. Since it is raining here all the time, try adding a cryo character to the team. This will help in freezing the Nobushi and keeping them in one place while you attack. Once they have been defeated, it’s time to do a puzzle.

Sacred Stone Puzzle

The puzzle in the first part consists of the Sacred Stone Mound and three Thunderbearer Mirrors. All of them have to be aligned in such a way that the electro energy may pass through them. When you interact with the devices, you’ll notice that you can either change the direction in which they are facing (Change orientation) or change the angle of the head (Change elevation). Unfortunately, due to the camera issues within the game, you’ll have to run to a higher ledge to ensure the changes you’ve made are the correct ones.

The first thing you have to do is head to the Sacred Stone Mound which will be located near the ward. The only thing you’ll have to change is the orientation until it is facing the neared Thunderbearer Mirror.

Sacred Stone Mound

Once that is done, go over to the Thunderbearer Mirror. Over here, you’ll have to change the orientation as well as elevation until the mirror is facing the next mirror which is down the cliff.

When you’re at the next Thunderbearer Mirror, just check to make sure it is facing the one across from it.

After everything is in place, head back to the Sacred Stone Mound and use an elemental skill to activate it. When you do that, a cutscene will begin, showing the passage of electro energy between the devices and how that breaks the water barrier.

Now just glide down and collect the Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Pearl. To obtain the Musoujin Gorge: Rock Pillar Warding Stone, you’ll have to fight the Kairagi in Fort Fujitou.

When you have both the parts, head back to the ward and input them. A cutscene will begin and the Tatarigami over Fort Fujitou will clear.

Go back to Kaji and he will tell you the location of the two remaining wards. With that, the first part of the quest will conclude and you will receive 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 4 Hero’s Wit.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part II

For the next part of the quest, you need to go to the Serpent’s Head and find the ward there. As long as you follow the navigation, you shouldn’t wander too much.

When you reach the ward, you’ll first have to fight the Kairagi sitting by it. Once that is done, you’ll find a waterlogged note on the ground, one which gives more insight into what happened at Watatsumi Island.

According to the note, it seems that the wards were placed by the Shogunate after the death of Orobashi no Mikoto. However, some members of the Sangonomiya took it upon themselves to break those wards so as to restore their god. In another part of the note, however, you find that not everyone was aware of this plan as it was only mentioned to a trusted few. Whether Kokomi and the leaders of the resistance were involved or not, that can’t be known.

Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone

To retrieve the first part of the puzzle, follow the elemental trace as it leads you to a hole. Before jumping in, summon an electrogana from the nearby Thunder Sakura Bough.

Once that’s done, head inside and deactivate the electro barrier. Then, use the nearby mechanism to drain the water on the floor. When this is done, you can explore this underground space freely. You will also find a blue seelie here. Just follow it and you’ll be lead straight to what you’re looking for.

As you go deeper into the hole, you’ll finally come across three ruin destroyers. Fighting them shouldn’t be too hard, especially if you have a shielder to tank the constant attacks.

Once you’re done fighting them, head on over to the nearby hole (yes I know, there are a lot of them) and jump down. Now, you’ll have to fight a bunch of hydro slimes.

Once they have been defeated, follow the seelie to a waterfall in front of which you’ll find the Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Warding Stone.

With this, the first part of this quest is done.

Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Pearl

Using the electrogana, grapple out of the hole and head south, towards a body of water located between Higi Village and Serpent’s Head. Over here, you’ll have to clear another Sacred Stone Puzzle but this time, it’ll be a little more complicated since the puzzle has one Sacred Stone Mound and six Thunderbearer Mirrors.

Sacred Stone Puzzle

First, you have to change the orientation of the Sacred Stone Mound to ensure that it is facing the Thunderbearer Mirror in the northwest. When that is done, glide down to that mirror and make sure that it is facing Thunderbearer Mirror#3. It should be the one across and above #7.

Thunderbearer Mirror #3 needs to be adjusted until it is directly facing down at the pillar beneath it. From there #4 needs to be oriented until it is directed towards #5.

Do not elevate Thunderbearer Mirror #5. Just make sure it is oriented towards #6. From there, glide to #6 and adjust it to face #7.

Finally, #7 should be aimed at the water barrier.

When all this is done, use an elemental attack to activate the Sacred Stone Mound. Much like the first quest, a cutscene will begin. Once the cutscene ends, you’ll be able to glide down and retrieve the Serpent’s Head: Rock Pillar Pearl.

Now that you have all the pieces, head back to the ward and place them inside. Another cutscene will start and the Tatarigami over Serpent’s Head will disappear. The quest will end, giving you 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 4 Hero’s Wit.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part III

For the next part of the quest, head on to Jakotsu Mine and use the navigation to find the next ward. There are around three puzzles that have to be solved to finish the quest.

Sacred Stone Puzzle

To unlock the barrier around the ward, you first have to clear this puzzle. There is one Sacred Stone Mound and six Thunderbearer mirrors that have to be aligned.

Head over to the Sacred Stone Mound which is next to the NPC, Chouji. Climb down and adjust the orientation so that it’s facing Thunderbearer Mirror #2. After that, Go over to #2 and adjust the elevation downwards so it’s facing #3.

#3 doesn’t need any adjusting.

Glide down to mirror #4 and change its orientation and elevation to face #5.

#5 doesn’t need to be adjusted.

Glide to where #6 is and orient it to face #7. Go to #7 and orient it to face the barrier.

With this last step done, you can go back to the Sacred Stone Mound and use an elemental attack to activate it. A cutscene will appear and the barrier will disappear. Now you can go to the ward.

When you do reach the ward, you’ll find an emergency notice there explaining the after-effects of the wards being broken. Due to the rise of the Tatarigami, the mine had to be declared unsafe and everyone was asked to evacuate. People were also asked to stay away from anyone who belonged to Sangonomiya and if they saw someone from there, they had to be reported.

Now, it’s time to get the components.

Jakotsu Mine: Rock Pillar Warding Stone

Using elemental sight, follow the elemental trace until you reach a cave full of electro totems. The totems are not important to the quest and unlock a chest. If you want the chest, use Fischl or another electro character to hit the totems. Only four of them are real. There’s no pattern here so when you hit a totem, if it’s real, it’ll light up. If it’s fake, it’ll disappear. Once the four real ones are lit, you’ll have your chest.

To get the Rock Pillar Warding Stone, go over to the nearest Thunder Sakura Bough and summon an electrogana. From there, you should be able to glide to the highest point. While doing so, keep an eye out for an electro barrier. When you see it, just glide over and take the electrogana near the barrier. The stone should be inside.

Jakotsu Mine: Rock Pillar Pearl

Follow the elemental trace and head right until hydro slimes pop up in your path. Quickly get rid of them and keep going until you reach an exit.

On the other side of the exit, you’ll see an electro Abyss mage in front of a Thunder Sakura Bough. You’ll have to fight the mage here and having a cryo character on the team will be helpful. Once the mage is gone, get an electrogana and enter the electro barrier before you. When you dispel the barrier, three hydro abyss mages will appear. Like I said, having a cryo character will be helpful here.

Once the mages die, the final piece should appear.

Head on back to the ward, place the pieces and watch as the cutscene plays out to remove the Tatarigami. You will get 40 Primogems, 30,000 Mora and 4 Hero’s Wit.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part IV

Now that you’re done fixing all the wards, go to Fort Mumei and report to Kaji. He initially came to this area because he had a suspicion that the ruins of Fort Mumei are somehow related to the wards on the island. However, he is unable to find anything. He looks like he’s about to give up when the traveller hears a sound. The ground beneath begins to shake as the once submerged Fort Mumei rises from the ground.

Orobashi’s Legacy: Part V

After Fort Mumei rises from the water, it is time to investigate. You will once again have to go through a Sacred Stone Puzzle. But this one will be relatively easy. Summon your waverider and go to the Sacred Stone Mound. From there, just head on anti-clockwise and adjust all the mirrors accordingly.

For instance, the Sacred Stone Mound has to face the closest Thunderbearer Mirror. That mirror has to face the one next to it. So and so forth.

When you’re done making the adjustments, go back to the Sacred Stone Mound and use an elemental attack. A cutscene will play out and the barrier will be gone, revealing inside a ward as well as a Maguu Kenki.

You’ll have to fight the Maguu Kenki here. After he’s defeated, you’ll find the Rock Pillar Warding Stone nearby on the ground. The Rock Pillar Pearl will appear on top of the ward. Place the pieces inside and you’re done.

Go back and report to Kaji. When you speak to him, he’ll thank you for all your help. Now that the rain is gone, there is a chance that the people of the village will return. However, there is also a chance that the fight between the rebel forces and the Shogun’s army will only get worse as they try to take control of the island. During the time the island was suffering due to the Tatarigami neither of them seemed interested in actually helping.

With that, Kaji will give you 50 primogems, 60,000 mora, 6 Hero’s Wit and the blueprint to forge the Kitain Cross Spear.

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