Paimon’s Bargains

Paimon's Bargains changes its rotation every month, featuring different characters and weapons. Click here to learn more.
Paimon’s Bargain Infographic for December (Image via SoraHoshina)

Paimon’s Bargains is a shop in Setting > Shop that offers Fates, Materials, and a rotating selection of Characters and Weapons in exchange for Masterless Starglitter, Masterless Stardust, or Primogems.

Starglitter Exchange

Starglitter Exchange for December (Image via HoYoverse)

All the items in this section can be purchased with Masterless Starglitter. Each month, the shop offers 2 different characters, 5 different weapon types of the same series, Character Ascension Materials, and top-rarity Common Ascension Materials.

How to obtain Masterless Starglitter:
If you make a Wish on any available banners in Genshin Impact and obtain 4/5-star weapons or characters that you already own, you will receive Masterless Starglitter. The amount of Starglitter differs on the rarity of the item or character as well as how many times you have pulled duplicates of that same character before.


January & JulyBlackcliff SeriesFischl & Xiangling
February & AugustRoyal SeriesBeidou & Noelle
March & SeptemberBlackcliff SeriesNingguang & Xingqiu
April & OctoberRoyal SeriesRazor & Amber
May & NovemberBlackcliff SeriesBennett & Lisa
June & DecemberRoyal SeriesBarbara & Kaeya

Note: You cannot purchase a character whose Constellation is maxed.

Permanent Items

ItemCostMonthly Limit
Intertwined Fate5None
Acquaint Fate5None
Black Crystal Horn28
Ley Line Sprout28
Chaos Core28
Mist Grass Wick28
Inspector’s Sacrificial Knife28
Fossilized Bone Shard28
Chaos Oculus28
Polarizing Prism28
Concealed Talon28
Deathly Statuette28
Robust Fungal Nucleus28
Chaos Bolt28
Radiant Prism28
Slime Concentrate ×3225
Ominous Mask ×3225
Forbidden Curse Scroll ×3225
Weathered Arrowhead ×3225
Lieutenant’s Insignia ×3225
Golden Raven Insignia ×3225
Energy Nectar ×3225
Famed Handguard ×3225
Spectral Nucleus ×3225
Crystalline Cyst Dust ×3225
Rich Red Brocade ×3225

Stardust Exchange

Stardust Exchange for December (Image via HoYoverse)

All items in this section can be purchased with Masterless Stardust, and the monthly limits reset at the same time as other exchanges.

How to obtain Masterless Stardust:
You will get 15 Masterless Stardust for every 3-star weapon you receive from any available banners.

ItemCostMonthly Limit
Intertwined Fate755
Acquaint Fate755
Adventurer’s Experience ×38100
Mystic Enhancement Ore560
Mora ×10,0001030
Mora ×10,00020None
Black Bronze Horn1512
Dead Ley Line Leaves1512
Chaos Circuit1512
Mist Grass1512
Agent’s Sacrificial Knife1512
Sturdy Bone Shard1512
Chaos Axis1512
Crystal Prism1512
Concealed Unguis1512
Dark Statuette1512
Dormant Fungal Nucleus1512
Chaos Module1512
Turbid Prism1512
Dust of Azoth ×105100
Slime Secretions535
Stained Mask535
Sealed Scroll535
Sharp Arrowhead535
Sergeant’s Insignia535
Silver Raven Insignia535
Shimmering Nectar535
Luminescent Pollen535
Trimmed Red Silk535
Kageuchi Handguard535
Spectral Heart535
Heavy Horn516
Dead Ley Line Branch516
Chaos Device516
Mist Grass Pollen516
Hunter’s Sacrificial Knife516
Fragile Bone Shard516
Chaos Gear516
Dismal Prism516
Concealed Claw516
Gloomy Statuette516
Inactivated Fungal Nucleus516
Chaos Storage516
Damaged Prism516
Slime Condensate ×3515
Damaged Mask ×3515
Divining Scroll ×3515
Firm Arrowhead ×3515
Recruit’s Insignia ×3515
Treasure Hoarder Insignia ×3515
Whopperflower Nectar ×3515
Old Handguard ×3515
Spectral Husk ×3515
Fungal Spores ×3515
Faded Red Satin ×3515

Purchase With Primogems

Purchase With Primogems stays the same every month (Image via HoYoverse)

As the name suggested, all the items in this section can be purchased with Primogems.

ItemCostMonthly Limit
Intertwined Fate160None
Acquaint Fate160None

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