Patch 1.6 Midsummer Island Adventure Guide: What Can You Do as SOON As You Log In On Day 1?

Greetings Travelers! 1.6 stands to make for one of the biggest content patches since Dragonspines launch in 1.2! You’ll find a prompt to get right into the adventure as soon as you load the game in 1.6 as follows!

Go on a Midsummer Island Adventure!

As soon as you login you will be directed to seek Klee out, and upon doing so you’ll find she has a quest to chart some hitherto unseen isles in Genshin Impact! We haven’t got new land to tread since 1.2, meaning there will be plenty of hidden chests to find and Primogems to earn in the accompanying event! However be warned, this island will no longer be accessible when 1.7 arrives, so be sure to explore it thoroughly! (And take lots of screenshots before you can’t anymore!) You can check out our guide to the event if you get stuck! There’s Primogems, a crown, and even a new weapon to earn! There’s lots to explore beyond this quest (such as the formidable Maguu Kenki enemy) and the below, so be sure to spend lots of time there!

Character Skins are available!

Another first in 1.6 is that both Jean and Barbara have unlockable outfits, a first for the game! Barbara’s can be found through the Echoing Tales event, whereby if you collect 24 Conches on the new Archipelago then you unlock the outfit for free! You’ll want to put the effort in as this will cost Gensis Crystals once the event ends, a currency only obtainable in exchange for real money, so it’s worth exploring! Jean’s outfit is likewise available but only as a purchase, albeit at a small discount for this patch.

Klee Returns With An Event Wish!

Klee finally returns, and I know I’ve seen many excited comments from players aniticpating her return! She is a fan favourite and plays a key roll in the upcoming event, so if oyu enjoy her gameplay she’s a good choice as Pyro is still a dominant force in Genshin Impact! Fischl and Sucrose are both highly desirable 4* units as well, and Barbara is still a great healer to have when that’s what you want. All around a great banner!

…And A New Weapon Banner!

The weapons banner however leaves more to be desired. The Lost Prayer is generally not considered to be Klee’s best choice, which makes it a strange accompanying banner, and the Skyward Pride while a decent weapon falls below priority to some 4* weapons for several characters. The new bow may be tempted, but I’d skip this banner if Primogems are in any way limited.

Try Out The Banner Characters!

Not sure if Klee is for you? You can try her out and earn 20 Primogems for your trouble!

Invite ‘Friends’ to your Teapot!

New for 1.6 is the ability to invite any character you own into your teapot to…chill out? You can interact with them and they may even give you a gift under certain circumstances, but one of the main benefits is their placement will slowly raise their companionship experience, making earning those companionship bonuses all the easier! If you’ve reached the maximum trust level on your teapot, you should get this quest once you log in. You can place up to 8 companions at once.

New Keybinds!

This is mainly a boon for PC players, but remember the L key – it will save you a lot of time as you keep playing the game!

Reaction Buffs!

Pyro has long been king of Genshin Impact, but 1.6 gives us some buffs to other reactions in the game focussing on the other elements. In particular it looks like Electro is in for a nice buff – we will have to see in the coming weeks how much effect this buff has, but it may finally be the boon Electro needs!

More to come!

Like every patch, 1.6 will have more events to come, although I expect the bulk will be exploring the new island. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the new content, and good luck in your next pull!


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