Peak of Vindagnyr Domain Guide

Welcome to our quick guide to the Peak of Vindagnyr Domain in Genshin Impact, introduced in patch 1.2 The Chalk Prince and the Dragon. This guide aims at giving you proper direction to complete the domain without being unnecessarily long.


Update 1.2 brought us the first new domain, The Peak of Vindagnyr, bearing new artifact sets as rewards. This is the only place to get the new Icebreaker and Ocean Conqueror set, and is themed around the Cryo enemies of Dragonspine.

The prerequisite quest to beginning this domain, “In the Mountains”, can be completed by speaking with Iris at the Adventure Camp [it involves thawing three ice formations.]

The Domain

  • Recommended levels: 59/69/80/90
  • Recommended elements, Pyro/Geo/Anemo/Electro

Ley Line Disorders

All Levels:

  • Characters in the challenge will continuously accumulate Sheer Cold, and will lose HP after Sheer Cold reaches its limit.
  • The platforms in this challenge will intermittently switch between the Subzero and Warm statuses.
  • The areas affected by the Warm status will diminish Sheer Cold. The areas affected by the Subzero status will accelerate Sheer Cold’s accumulation.
    • Sheer Cold will accumulate even if you are standing on neutral platforms. Stand on the red platforms to counter this effect.

Rewards and Enemies

Level one unlocked at AR30, maximum rarity of 4 star

Elegaic Rime 1 comprises of 10 Cryo Slimes, 2 Large Cryo Slimes and 2 Ice Shield Mitachurls. You need to defeat them in 10 minutes.

Level two unlocked at AR35

Elegaic Rime 2 Comprises of 3 Cryo Slimes, 2 Large Cryo Slimes, 3 Cryo Hillchurl Grenadier and 2 Ice Shield Mitachurls. You need to defeat them in 10 minutes.

Level three unlocked at AR40, Maximum rarity of 5 star

Elgaic Rime 3 comprises of 2 Large Cryo Slimes, 2 Cryo Hillchurl Grenadier, 2 Ice Shield Mitachurls and 1 Cryo Abyss Mage. You will need to defeat them in 10 minutes.

Level four unlocked at AR45, Guaranteed to drop 1 5 star artifact

Elgaic Rime 4 comprises of one Cryo Abyss Mage and one Frostarm Lawachurl. You will need to defeat them in 10 minutes. Note that Elegaic Rime IV will drop a guaranteed 5 star (orange) artifact.

Recommended Teams

These characters are just placeholders, but teams with the same composition of elements above should do the trick!

Tips and Tricks

  • Always keep an eye on your sheer cold meter as it will accelerate when on a cold platform, you can eat Goulash before entering the domain to help decrease the rate at which you freeze.
  • Try to fight on the red platforms as much as possible, then crowd control [cc] the enemies with anemo units (sucrose, venti.)
  • Avoid bringing characters who wet your party [xingqiu, Barbara] as cryo enemies may freeze you frequently if you do so.
  • Use Pyro supports (Xinyan, Xiangling) or Pyro damage dealers (Diluc, Bennet, Klee) to counter the Cryo Abyss mage’s shields or the Lavachurl’s Cryo coating.
    • Use cc skills (venti, sucrose, Jean E) or knockback abilities (charged attacks from sword users, Bennet E) to interrupt shield recreation.

That’s it from your Captain, comment what domain you want to see a guide on next, stay warm!

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