Perilous Expedition Event Guide

An adventurer from Liyue seems to have encountered some trouble while studying the geography and hydrology of Sumeru for the Adventurers' Guild. Help him explore the dangerous areas and complete the map!

An adventurer from Liyue seems to have encountered some trouble while studying the geography and hydrology of Sumeru for the Adventurers’ Guild. Help him explore the dangerous areas and complete the map!

Gameplay Overview

Event Gameplay Duration:
➥ July 27, 2023, 10:00:00 – August 7, 2023, 03:59:59 (Server Time)

➥ Adventure Rank 20 or above
➥ Complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Overview:
➥ After the event begins, a new Perilous Exploration will be unlocked every day for you to explore, for a total of 5 stages. Each stage consists of 3 combat rounds.
➥ Each exploration stage has 4 difficulties, and the level of the opponents in the first 3 of these difficulties will be decided according to the Traveler’s highest World Level. The difficulty and level of opponents in the final difficulty, Dire, is fixed.
➥ Character selection is available before each round of combat. When the number of non-repeated characters you use reaches a specific amount within a single dangerous area, a stackable buff will be activated. Only 1 buff stack can be activated in the 1st round, up to 2 in the 2nd round, and up to 3 in the final round.

Gameplay Details

1) Stages & Difficulties

A total of 5 stages, one will be unlocked daily starting on the first day of the event

➥ After the event begins, a new Perilous Exploration will be unlocked every day for you to explore, for a total of 5 stages. Each stage consists of 3 combat rounds.

➥ Each Perilous Prospect stage has 4 difficulties to choose from. The monster levels in the first 3 difficulties will be adjusted according to your World Level. The final Dire difficulty has a fixed difficulty and the opponents within have fixed levels.

2) Buff Effects

➥ You can select characters before each Perilous Prospect begins, and buffs can be activated when the number of non-repeated characters you use reaches a specific amount. Buff effects can be stacked. You can activate 1 buff at max during the first round of combat, 2 buffs at max during the second, and 3 at max during the third.
Round 1: Geo Team (Gain 1st buff)
Round 2: Bloom Team (Gain 2nd buff)
Round 3: Vaporize Team (Gain 3rd buff)

Important: This doesn’t mean you need 12 characters per stage. In fact, you can use the same characters in each round. BUT, you will miss out on the 2nd and 3rd buff.

Perilous Prospect

~ This section will focus on getting all rewards so we will be using 12 characters in each stage ~

Valley of Divergence

1) Monster List

➥ When some opponents’ HP drops below 15%, a warning signal will appear on them. 12s later, these opponents will regenerate 30% HP. This effect can be triggered 1 time per opponent per challenge.

2) Buff Effects

3) Team Recommendations

Round 1 (Freeze Team) = Ayaka + Kokomi/Barbara + Shenhe + Venti/Kazuha
Round 2 (Vaporize Team) = Hu Tao + Xingqiu + Kazuha + Xiangling
Round 3 (Hyperbloom Team) = Alhaitham + Kuki Shinobu + Yelan + Yaoyao/Yae Miko

4) Tips

➥ In Round 1, all enemies spawn near each other so you won’t have any trouble gathering them. In each wave, prioritize the Eremite that can summon their spirit animal (Stone Enchanter, Galehunter, and Floral Ring-Dancer) because they have higher HP than the normal Eremite mobs. If you bring the recommended Freeze team, you can stop them by freezing them all so the elite ones can’t summon their spirit animals. Plus point if you bring Anemo CC to stop them from breaking up and being scattered on the field.

➥ In Round 2, Pyro is extremely recommended here because of the Ice Shieldwall and Ice Shield from Mitachurl/Abyss Mage/Lawachurl. Anemo isn’t really important here because there’s no need for CC, but you can still bring them to decrease RES using a VV set. When bringing a Hydro character, make sure not to bring any Hydro character that can inflict themselves with Hydro (Xingqiu or Barbara) so you won’t get Frozen accidentally later when being hit with Cryo attacks. It’s okay if you want to bring them though, just be careful and watch out for enemies’ attacks.

➥ In Round 3, it’s best if you can bring DPS that can deal both single-target and AoE damage. The first wave with Slimes is nothing at all, but the 2nd and 3rd wave each has 2 Geovishap, and their HP is pretty decent. Even better if your team has a great Energy Recharge and a steady rotation of Skill and Burst because you will need all the DPS you can. Although the Geovishap has high HP, their attacks aren’t that high so a healer or shielder is not a must (But remember that a shield can stagger the Geovishaps if they did a certain attack on your shielded character).

Obscured End

1) Monster List

➥ Boss enemies periodically unleash powerful skills, dealing DMG to characters hit.

2) Buff Effects

3) Team Recommendations

Round 1 (Bloom Team) = Nilou + Nahida + Kokomi/Barbara + Collei/Baizhu
Round 2 (Melt Team) = Hu Tao + Ganyu + Kazuha + Zhongli
Round 3 (National Team) = Raiden Shogun + Xiangling + Bennett + Xingqiu

4) Tips

➥ In Round 1, the enemies do spawn near each other in the first wave, but Eremite Crossbow and Ravenbeak Halberdier often back up from you. So if you don’t want to lose your rotation, it’s best if you bring an Anemo CC to gather them back in one place. In every wave here, focus on the elite enemy that has an Aura around them because they have the highest HP (or second highest) with also that annoying Aura.

➥ In Round 2, all enemies tend to be closer to each other because all of them will be after you. The only problem is the Thunderhelm Lawachurl in the last wave where it will often do a charge attack that will lead it far away from other mobs. In such cases, it’s best to prioritize the Abyss Mages first since they’re not guaranteed to teleport after you but the Lawachurl will turn back and walk towards you again.

➥ In Round 3, the enemies here spread quite far away from each other so an Anemo CC to gather them really helps. If you don’t bring any, prioritize the Geo Samachurl in each wave because we don’t want it to create pillars for itself and other enemies.

The Icy Spring’s Source

1) Monster List

➥ Fruits of the Vine will appear at intervals during the challenge. They will chase nearby characters and explode once they hit, dealing Dendro DMG to nearby characters and opponents. The size of these Fruits and the DMG they can deal will gradually decrease, and their speed will gradually increase.

2) Buff Effects

3) Team Recommendations

Round 1 (Bloom Team) = Nilou + Barbara + Collei + Yaoyao/Baizhu
Round 2 (Hyperbloom Team) = Alhaitham + Kuki Shinobu + Yelan + Kazuha
Round 3 (National Team) = Raiden + Xingqiu + Xiangling + Bennett

4) Tips

➥ In Round 1, you can use both the Freeze team or Bloom team (I prefer the latter). But don’t forget to include at least 1 healer or shielder because, in wave 2, there will be Hydro Finch and Hydro Frog that will explode, dealing huge AoE damage. After that problem has passed, it’s fair game for everyone so feel free to Freeze them all or Bloom to smithereen.

➥ Round 2 is the hardest in this stage because the enemies in waves 1 and 2 can easily scatter and cause you to think that you’ll need an Anemo CC. But then in the last wave, it’s only 2 enemies with huge HP and can’t really be gathered with Anemo CC. So what I recommend is, to bring Anemo CC for waves 1 and 2, while using them to reduce RES in wave 3. But for DPS, it’s better to bring single-target DPS and focus on one Consecrated enemy at a time (both of them more often than not move far away from each other after using their skills on you). Don’t forget about their Phagocytic Energy Blocks! Destroy the block and attack the respective enemy to paralyze and deal some extra damage to them.

➥ The last round is much easier than Round 2 and it’s not really restricted to certain team comps. But it’s best to bring at least one Electro character just in case the Primal Construct goes into its invisibility mode. Whether you bring an Electro character or not, make sure to focus on the Primal Construct in every wave it appears because you want to prevent them from going invisible. You will lose lots of time searching for or destroying its invisible body.

Forsaken Mountains

1) Monster List

➥ Every 8s, each Attendant will heal the boss opponent(s) for 10% HP and increase their All Elemental and Phys RES.

2) Buff Effects

3) Team Recommendations

Round 1 (Mono Hydro Team) = Ayato + Yelan + Zhongli + Albedo
Round 2 (Hyperbloom Team) = Alhaitham + Kuki Shinobu + Xingqiu + Nahida
Round 3 (Anemo Hypercarry Team) = Wanderer + Faruzan + Bennett + Venti

4) Tips

➥ In Round 1, you really need at least 1 Hydro character because of the Pyro Abyss Mage’s shield. When the Hilichurls spawn, it might be hard to gather them unless you bring an Anemo CC since the Torcher might run too far away. But they always come back so you won’t have any trouble there. When it’s only Abyss Mage and Hilichurl Rouge, always go for the Abyss Mage in case it will teleport far away from you, even better if you have AoE DPS that can deal damage to all enemies at a time.

Ruin Destroyer burrowing underground

➥ In Round 2, there are only Ruin enemies. They spawn near each other and are heavy so it’s impossible to use Anemo CC to gather them (unless you want to decrease their RES using VV set). Instead, it’s better to just brute force them since the enemies don’t move too much unless it’s to get near you.
➥ In the first wave, don’t approach Ruin Destroyer because it will most probably burrow underground to teleport to other spots. Instead, go to Ruin Cruiser. But remember that Cruiser will use an attack that will launch itself backward if you get too close to it. 2nd wave is much easier while in 3rd wave, focus on the Ruin Drake instead of other Ruin enemies because it has a huge HP pool.

➥ In Round 3, It’s really recommended to bring an Anemo CC because there are lots of enemies and lots of waves. You don’t want to waste your time chasing after each of them. There are a total of 4 waves so make sure you know your team’s rotation properly so you won’t waste any Energy and Burst.

Chasm of Dissolution

1) Monster List

➥ A Plasma Field will be generated at the edge of the challenge area once the challenge begins. While within the field, characters will be hit by a lightning strike once every 4s and take Electro DMG. The area covered by the field will gradually expand as the challenge proceeds.

2) Buff Effects

3) Team Recommendations

Round 1 (Electro-Charged Team) = Ayato + Raiden + Kazuha/Sucrose + Zhongli
Round 2 (Burgeon Team) = Hu Tao + Yelan + Venti + Nahida
Round 3 (Anemo Hypercarry Team) = Wanderer + Faruzan + Bennett + Xingqiu

4) Tips

➥ In Round 1, there are tons of enemies in each wave so you would want to bring any Anemo CC here or use any DPS/Elemental Reactions that can deal AoE damage. In the third wave though, there are only Pyro Slimes and Specters so make sure to not use any Pyro DPS here because they’re immune to it.

➥ In Round 2, there’s a variety of enemies here so it’s better to bring a team with lots of elemental reactions rather than a Mono element team. In wave 1, it’s all Cryo and Geo Specters so avoid using those elements. In wave 2, it’s Cryo, Electro, Geo, and Hydro Slimes. For this wave, having an Anemo CC is the best since they can Swirl each other out. Wave 3 features Whoppeflower (and Specters) and remember that they have high resistance to all elements, but especially high on their own element.

➥ In Round 3, having an Anemo CC is not a must since enemies here mostly spawn and stay near each other, especially in the last wave with only 2 enemies. But, having an Anemo DPS is great so you can take advantage of the stage’s buffs.

Gameplay Rewards

– The number will be updated once all stages are unlocked –

➥ Don’t forget to manually claim your rewards from the event page. By completing all the event challenges, you will get the following rewards:
Primogems x420
Hero’s Wit x30
Adventurer’s Experience x56
Mystic Enhancement Ores x25
Fine Enhancement Ore x50
Wanderer’s Advice x4
Weapon Enhancement Material x16


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