Phantom Flow: Day 1 – Electrograna’s Triumph

I’ll get straight to it!

Phantom Flow is the new introduced event where challengers will enter a Spiral Abyss-like mini fight, with each level having it’s own enemies, buffs, debuffs, and challenges that you need to complete!

To get started, begin the quest by getting into your Waverider and head towards the island North West of Ritou. There you’ll talk to an old man named “Shousen,” who will then let you begin the Phantom Flow challenge (basically you fight your imagination lmao).

This little island right here is where all the events will take place!

Just a few more things before we delve into Day 1. There are 2 “modes,” called Shoden and Okuden.

Shoden difficultly are your standard three difficulties of Normal, Hard, and Extreme. All three Shoden difficulties will have the same mob types, with just small varying challenges that you need to complete. Completing a higher difficulty will also complete the lower difficulties too (i.e.: beating Extreme will automatically reward you Normal and Hard rewards as well!). Shoden difficulties also only have positive buffs, that will assist you throughout the challenge!

Okuden mode can only be unlocked once you beat Extreme difficulty. Okuden mobs are different from Shoden mobs, and you’ll also be given a debuff that can hurt your chances of completing the challenge. It’s a lot more cutthroat and meant to be a challenge for those who want it!

Day 1 – Shoden Mobs

For Shoden mobs, you’ll be facing your generic Treasure Hoarder enemies! They are all extremely slow in their attacks, stand idle a lot, and all their attacks can be easily choreographed!

A good mix of ranged and melee Treasure Hoarder!

An extremely easy way to deal with these mobs are to take any Anemo character you have. Characters like Venti, Sucrose, and Kazuha are extremely effective at grouping and staggering these enemies, as they have very low interruption resistance.

Elemental reactions like Overloaded also do an amazing job at ensuring these enemies are permanently staggered, and Electro-charged can also achieve the same effect! The main enemy here that will give you the most trouble will be the Seaman and their charge attack.

However this attack can be easily prevented by either 1) standing close to them as they only initiate it when you’re far away, or 2) just stagger them with interrupting attacks.

Shoden Shinryuu Mechanics

The Shinryuu Mechanics (basically the buffs/debuffs) for Shoden are only positive, as they basically give 100% ER to your characters when you pick up an electrogranum. This means that they’ll be able to get their bursts essentially twice as fast! The second buff being that if you successfully use 3 or more bursts within 10s, you will deal massive Electro DMG to them!

Don’t worry about where to get the Electrogranum. When you start the challenge, it’ll spawn you an Electrogranum tree that you can continuously grab granums from!

Pretty good buff to start off with!

Shoden challenges are pretty simple (Normal/Hard/Extreme):

  • Kill (15/20/25) enemies
  • Complete challenge within (300/240/180) seconds
  • No more than 25 seconds between each kill
  • No more than (2/1/No) character deaths during the challenge

Day 1 – Okuden Mobs

For Okuden mobs, it drastically switches up the difficulty by replacing all of the Treasure Hoarder mobs with Nobushi and Kairagi enemies! — except Seaman and Marksman Treasure Hoarders will still be there (cause why not I guess lol).

Pretty tanky and strong enemies!

Nobushi and Kairagi mobs are much tankier and much more resilient to interruption than Treasure Hoarders. They can be pulled by Anemo effects (such as Kazuha Hold E), but they won’t be staggered by the attacks majority of the time.

Nobushi mobs are fairly easy to deal with, as their only troublesome attack is their dash attack — which you can easily just dash to dodge. Kairagi on the other hand have 2 extremely dangerous attacks that can 1 shot you: their spin move and their downward slash attack. Just keep an eye out for those attacks, and you’ll be golden.

Essentially it’s a DPS check, and your best bet will be elemental reactions like Overloaded and Melt/Vapo to heavily burst them down. Luckily, the Pyro and Electro Kairagi in this event do not have their annoying heal mechanic, so killing one will not heal the other.

Okuden Shinryuu Mechanics

Shinryuu Mechanics introduces a debuff: basically after using 3 bursts in a row you’ll get smited by an Electro attack that REALLY HURTS. There’s an extremely easy indicator that will show where the strike will be though

The red circle is the indicator. Hard to miss!

Otherwise, you still keep the buffs from Shoden:

Basically after you use 3 burst = you get smited, so make sure to dodge

Okuden challenges are the same as extreme, except 1 small change:

  • Kill 20 enemies
  • Complete challenge within 180 seconds
  • Must kill 4 Kairagi (meaning even if you kill 20 enemies, you still have to kill 4 Kairagi if you haven’t)
  • No character deaths during the challenge

The last advice is to focus killing the other mobs before you focus the Kairagi. Even after killing 4 of them, they’ll continue to spawn if you haven’t finished the challenge. So make them the last priority.

Otherwise, good luck! Once finishing the challenges, you’ll get an assortment of Primogems, Mora, and leveling materials. I’ll be posting the next 6 day’s for Phantom Flow as they come out (for NA servers), so keep and eye out for those!


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