Phantom Flow: Day 2 – Sphere-Way to Heaven

I’ll get straight to it!

Day 2 – Shinryuu Mechanics

Day 2 is a bit different from Day 1, where the Shinryuu Mechanics are the same for both Shoden and Okuden difficulty. It’s a pretty strong and straightforward buff!

Basically if your character is afflicted by Electro, or picks up an Electrogranum, they can use the Thunder Spheres above them. Using the Thunder Spheres will give your character +1000 ATK for 30 seconds.

If you use all 3, then your plunge attack will do massive damage to all the enemies in the arena. This damage will be Physical DMG, unless your character has an infusement (i.e.: If Diluc uses Q and then does the Thunder Sphere plunge attack, it will do massive Pyro DMG!).

Pretty strong buff! Just make sure to use the Thunder Sphere whenever possible!

You’ll know when you can use the Thunder Spheres for the buff again, as the game will give you an alert on the top of the screen!

Peep the Treasure Hoarder that’s about to dropkick my butt lmao

Day 2 – Shoden Mobs

For Shoden mobs, you’ll be facing a lot of Electro type enemies! It’s both a blessing and a curse, as if you have a Pyro or Cryo DPS, it’s a wonderful playground filled with Overloaded and Superconduct. However, it also means if you accidentally inflict Hydro or Pyro on yourself, you’re going to CC yourself!

The main enemies to really watch out for are the Crackling Axe Mitachurls and their 2-swing combo, where they’ll swing their axe around and then leap to slam their axe. If you’re hit by the full combo, you’re risking a one shot death, so just keep an eye out for when the Mitachurl’s axe starts to glow purple.

Other than that, just make sure to not fight on top of the Electro Samachurl’s wards, as they can do a decent amount of damage that goes unnoticed.

RIP for all you Electro DPS mains

Shoden challenges are still pretty simple (Normal/Hard/Extreme):

  • Kill (15/20/25) enemies
  • Complete challenge within (300/240/180) seconds
  • Kill (2/3/3) Crackling Axe Mitachurls
  • No more than (2/1/No) character deaths during the challenge

Day 2 – Okuden Mobs

For Okuden mobs, it’s drastically changed as you’ll be facing an assortment of Treasure Hoarders with a Mirror Maiden. The Treasure Hoarders aren’t problematic at all, and you should focus on killing them to hit the kill count requirement for the challenge.

The Mirror Maiden on the other hand, while not really doing too much damage, can be extremely tanky and annoying. The two main attacks you want to avoid are her cage attack, and her 3 whirlpool attacks. The cage one can be easily avoided if you have someone like Venti or Kazuha to glide out, use a strong shield to tank the attack, or just save a burst to i-frame through it. As for the 3 whirlpools that explode after awhile, you just mainly want to walk out of the range, as they can deal considerable damage. All other attacks are easily dodgeable by just dashing out, or even walking out (especially that cool lazer attack that bounces off the mirrors lol)

Otherwise the Shinryuu Mechanics are a huge help, as you can simply use the Thunder Spheres to avoid the attacks at the right time, while also dishing out massive damage to the Maidens. Great part is that there will always be only 1 Maiden allowed on the field, so until you kill the current Maiden, another will not spawn!

Okuden challenges are pretty easy, or at least easier than Day 1

  • Kill 20 enemies
  • Complete challenge within 180 seconds
  • Must kill 2 Mirror Maidens (meaning even if you kill 20 enemies, you still have to kill 2 Mirror Maidens if you haven’t)
  • No character deaths during the challenge

I highly advise to use the Thunder Sphere’s plunging attack whenever it’s up, as it does considerable damage to all mobs! It’ll help a lot, trust me.

Hope this helped! Bye.


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