Poll: Help Improve the Guides!

Hey guys!

Just wanted to make a poll to sort of receive more direct feedback on the nature of the guides. I feel like since every new update, the characters get more complicated and sort of mess with the “TL;DR” theme that I originally started with.

Would really appreciate it if you could pick 3 things that you want improved on the guides! Thanks!

If you pick “Other,” then please comment down below what changes you had in mind!


I spend too much time filling out spreadsheets for incoherent data, but at least I can turn them into guides :P

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  1. Your guides are great as they ways they are. It helps me think for myself on what I build I am for. Adjust accordingly on the TD;LR theme. We still have many unknown characters as the game grows

    • Glad you find them helpful! I’m always wondering if maybe I’m missing something, or should clarify certain things. I feel like I’ve sort of locked myself into a corner when I started doing the “TL;DR” format haha

  2. I love the jokes, especially the one for the Chongyun guide. Maybe try to balance comedy and info? Not that the info is boring to look at, but it would be more fun.

    • Noted! I do try to sprinkle in a bit of humor, but when I used to post on Reddit a lot of people used to actually hate it quite a bit 😛

  3. Your guides are so great and useful! I love the small jokes in them (someone said this as well) and how stylish the guides look! Happy Birthday BTW ♡