“Radiant Harvest” Event Details

"Radiant Harvest" Event: Jellyfish Retrieval Challenge

Event Duration

2023/09/28 10:00:00– 2023/10/09 03:59:59

Event Rewards


Adventure Rank 20 or above
Unlock any Statue of The Seven in Fontaine
And complete the Archon Quest “Song of the Dragon and Freedom”

Event Details

● From the first day of the event, a new collection area will unlock every day. A total of seven challenges will be unlocked.
● Travelers can collect Violetglow Jellyfish in collection areas. Collect a certain number of them to complete the challenge. Complete the challenges to obtain Primogems, Weapon Ascension Materials, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Ore, and Mora.
● Turbulent Rings and Turbulent Bubbles may appear within the collection area. Use these Rings and Bubbles to explore the collection area more easily.


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