Relics of Seirai: Puzzle And Quest Guide

genshin impact serai relics puzzle quest guide achievement

Relics of Seirai is a puzzle-oriented quest found on Seirai Island in Inazuma. You will solve three puzzles and fight three waves of enemies.

50 Primogems
Hero’s Wit x3
30000 Mora
Achievement: It Has To Be Treasure

First, travel to Koseki Village.

serai relics genshin impact world quest guide achievement

It’s a smattering of run-down houses protected by fences and hilichurls. As you run on the road of the village, dialogue triggers from Paimon who points out a girl in trouble. Defeat the hilichurls surrounding Fujiwara Toshiko and talk to her afterwards to trigger the quest.

Fujiwara shares that she is looking to find treasure her ancestors left behind. She asks you to protect her and gives you a map with instructions to activate a mechanism leading to the riches.

Use the map to learn the patterns of the puzzle.

Check And Activate The Mechanism

treasure map serai relics puzzle genshin impact

There are three Japanese symbols to memorize. If it helps, you can remember them as ‘T’, ‘W’, and ‘L’ in that order instead. All of the puzzles use these symbols to unlock the next. Following a little memory practice, navigate to the house Fujiwara is at using your map. Three unlit platforms wait.

To begin: you must start the mechanism in the wall.

genshin impact serai relics achievement world quest guide

Then step on the three platforms around the house in the ‘T’, ‘W’, L’ pattern.

A hole in the ground will open once you’ve succeeded. Head inside with Fujiwara. Down below is a bigger puzzle. Again are the symbols. Light them in the same pattern as before. Start at the purple arrow and follow the path to end at the blue.

serai relics genshin impact achievement puzzle quest

As you finish this puzzle, the mechanism resets, forcing you to solve another. Same as above, start at the purple arrow and finish at the blue.

genshin impact serai relics quest achievement puzzle

With both puzzles completed, Fujiwara opens the sealed chest. Oddly, there is only a picture inside. Disappointed, she thanks you and offers to take you to her camp to give you a proper reward. Climb out the hole and meet her on the village road.

Follow Fujiwara Toshiko To The Camp

As you escort Fujiwara to her camp, you are attacked by three groups of enemies.

genshin impact serai relics puzzle quest achievement

-Treasure Hoarders

-Kairagi and Samurai


Beat each wave and finish following her to her camp. She gives your rewards and mentions investigating the picture further back in Inazuma City.

The quest ends! The achievement: It Has To Be Treasure is yours.

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