Rero’s Wife’s Grave Quest Guide

Rero’s Wife’s Grave is a mini-quest that can be found on Tsurumi Island. To unlock it, you need to finish the Through the Mist world quest series and lift the curse on the island placed by the Thunderbird.


  1. A Particularly Particular Author
  2. Ocatve of the Maushiro
  3. The Sea of Fog and Rite of Trees
  4. The Sun-Wheel and Mt Kanna

Finding the Quest

To find the quest, teleport to Chirai Shrine in Tsurumi Island. From there, go down south towards a cliff that is right opposite the waypoint. Under a tree, next to a stone tablet puzzle, you will find the ghost of Rero. Interact with him to start the quest.

Rero’s Woes

As you interact with Rero, he will start telling you about all the tragedies he’s faced since the day he was born. For instance, when he was born, the priest knocked over an oil lamp and burned Rero’s aunt’s long hair. Then, Rero went on to get a strange chronic illness and if that wasn’t enough, he fell out of his crib and broke six bones. The stories don’t end here. You’ll have to stand there and listen to Rero recount every terrible thing that has happened to him before he’ll tell you what he needs from you.

It seems that when his wife passed away, Rero dropped his golden ring in her grave. However, since he didn’t want to anger her spirit, he was too scared to dig it out. Now, before he leaves with the Boatman, he needs you to pick up the ring for him. You’re an outlander so what could possibly go wrong?

Rero’s Wife’s Grave

Rero’s wife’s grave is located near Chirai Shrine. That is the only information he’ll provide you before sending you on your way.

Head over to the shrine and avoid the three Ruin Sentinels inside. You don’t need to go inside. The grave is located next to one of the ruined walls, under the tree. You’ll also find a half-buried statue of the Thunderbird there.

Dig under the tree for what you need and find a little surprise.

Something isn’t right

As you dig under the tree, you won’t find the ring but you surely will find a very angry Thunderhelm Lawachurl. Clearly, whatever was buried under the tree was important to him as well.

Now, you’ll have no choice but to fight him to finish the quest. Unfortunately, there is a chance that the Mitachurl from a nearby camp will jump into the fray. Defeat whatever enemies come your way. Once that is done, you should notice Rero lingering nearby. Talk to him even though you don’t have his ring.

When you talk to the pitiful ghost, it will turn out that this whole time, he was just playing you. While his wife’s grave is in the nearby area, there was no golden ring. Instead, before she passed away, his wife told him to play a prank on someone before her grave. Once he’s done explaining, Rero will finally have fulfilled his last wish and will leave to see the Boatman.

Near the grave, a Precious chest will appear. Inside you’ll find 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora and 2 Hero’s Wit.

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