Rifthounds Location Guide

Rifthounds are enemies that were added to Genshin Impact with the introduction of Tsurumi Island. Able to go past shields in order to apply corrosion, while these wolves sound like bad news, their drops are used as ascension materials for weapons.

In this guide, we’ll be covering all the locations where these enemies can be found.

In-Game Description

Ominous, alien beasts with dull colours that travel in packs much as wolves do. It is said that they have the power to dissolve the world’s borders.

Rifthound Drops

  • Concealed Claw

Residual body tissue left behind by one of the Riftwolves. By ordinary logic, these objects, so alien to this world, should not have remained behind after these abnormal creatures were excised from the land.

  • Concealed Unguis

Body tissue left behind by one of the Riftwolves. Though they are quite wondrous indeed, these hunting hounds of “Alfisol” are nothing of note before Durin of “Humus.”

  • Concealed Talon

A sharp nail left behind by one of the Riftwolves. All the marvels in the world must pale before “Cretaceus,” the greatest work of them all.

Items That Require Rifthound Drops

Rifthound Locations

When they were first introduced, Rifthounds could only be found on Tsurumi Island. But that has changed. Now they can be found in Mondstadt, near Wolvendom as well as Enkanomiya.

Tsurumi Island

Before you start looking for Rifthounds in Tsurumi Island, it is recommended that you finish the main story. Until it’s done, certain locations of the island will be covered in fog. This will make your search difficult as you won’t be able to spot the enemy. Finishing the main quest makes the fog go away.

In certain areas, such as Wakukua Shoal, along with Rifthounds, you’ll find enemies like Hilichurls and Ruin Guard.


While Enkanomiya is full of enemies, there is only one location where Rifthounds can be found and that’s in the Evernight Temple. If this changes in the future, however, we’ll be sure to update the guide accordingly.

Tips on Fighting Rifthounds

Currently, in the game, there are two kinds of Rifthounds: Electro and Geo. So, what makes them harder to fight compared to other enemies. Well, there’s the fact that these enemies always travel in a pack made up of a Rifthound and two or three Rifthound Whelps. They are also incredibly tanky so unless you have a fully built team, defeating them can take a while. Finally, while shields can protect you from damage, once a Rifthound attack hits even one member of the party, it applies the corrosion effect.

Because of this effect, all your party members will slowly lose their health. In order to get rid of this, you’ll have to defeat the Rifthound that applied the effect. Considering these enemies travel in a pack and move rather fast, that can be a hard thing to do.

This is why, it is important to have a healer on your team when you go farming for Rifthound drops. This way, even if corrosion is applied, you won’t have to worry too much about losing health. Other than that, as long as you take a properly built team, you shouldn’t have any issues.

Good luck and happy farming!

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