Rise and Shrine Hidden Achievement: All Shrine Locations

hidden achievement inazuma shrine

Like many of Genshin’s Hidden Achievements, Rise and Shrine is a neat little bonus players get for simply exploring. The general rule of thumb in this game is to interact with everything you find. Yashiori Island is perfect for secret rewards, home to fallen samurai, swords, shrines and old wars.

Five shrines surround the Maguu Kenki Boss. Investigate them and write off another achievement to your list. As some are hard to find here’s a quick look where their locations are below:

inazuma shrine quest achievement
Yashiori Island

Location 1: Chouji’s House

If you helped Chouji in the world quest, Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away, this shrine is familiar. Touch the Electrogranum to gain its protection and pass through the Electro barrier. Investigate the shrine.

Chouji's house achievement shrine inazuma

Location 2 And 3: Maguu Kenki Battlefield

A short run and glide from Chouji’s house brings you to the Maguu Kenki Boss. Both shrines are visible if you take your time and drift down. The second is nestled on the ground. The third is against the cliffs on the other side of the Maguu Kenki. To avoid fighting the boss, run around the battlefield out of its range and stick close to the walls and bushes. It can be incredibly dark by the third shrine so look carefully.

inazuma hidden shrine achievement locations
Third Shrine Location

Location 4: Beneath The Teleport Waypoint

This shrine is easy to miss. From the Teleport Waypoint, head Northeast and jump off the cliff. Glide straight down slow and turn your camera around. The shrine is pressed against the cliff face.

inazuma hidden achievement shrine locations
inazuma hidden achievement shrine locations

Location 5: Higi Village Cliff

The easiest shrine to find. Run through Higi Village and fight the Nobushi and Kairagi if you want, but it’s not necessary. The shrine is on top the hill by the tree and river.

inazuma hidden achievement shrine locations

All five shrines investigated, Rise and Shrine is yours!

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